If you are not sure about whether vacation rentals are better than hotels, I am here to tell you just some of the reasons why I think that they are. The reason why I am so sure about this is thanks to my experience with Five Star Vacation Rentals, a business who offers some of the most beautiful and premium properties out there. The first trip was booked by our friends Kevin and Maria Cobb, for a 2 week stay in La Quinta where we would indulge in golf and relaxation. I had read their reviews beforehand and saw that they had a great rating, so I was pretty excited. As it turned out, those reviews were very accurate indeed and I had the most amazing stay, so good in fact that I have used Five Star Vacation Rentals on two occasions since. I wanted to talk to you about our stay and the overall service, so that you can see how superior they are when put up against a hotel.

Boutique Experience

As soon as you book up with the Five Star Vacation Rentals team, they are instantly in touch with you to ensure that they can make your experience as special as possible. It seemed as though there was nothing too big to ask in terms of how we wanted our stay to go, and they even have a phone app which you can use to among your booking, ask questions and get help in terms of directions and details like that.

The Property

Each property that I have stayed in with this business has been absolutely stunning, well designed and offer a great deal of space and all of the amenities which you could think of. The idea behind Five Star Vacation Rentals is to give you a luxurious place to stay and in that regard, they have accomplished what they set out to do. It is not just the properties themselves that are so beautiful, but also there locations. In particular I love that you are always close enough to the action, be that golf, beach or even city, yet you always feel like you are in your own little corner of the world when you are inside their properties.

Attention to Details

It is really in the details that this company provide you with such an amazing stay, all of their properties have features like swimming pools and spas, fire pits and well designed outdoor areas where you can relax with your friends after a day of golfing or exploring. Prior to your stay the company can fill the fridge to your liking, they offer a transport service from wherever you are arriving and it is in these personal touches that they ensure that your stay is absolutely perfect.

I have never known any hotel offer the service and the properties that this company does, so the next time that you go away, why not give them a try.