Trying to get people into your beauty store is not always easy, especially given the high competition which exists in this sector on the high street. This is something that my good friend Melody went through 2 years ago when she first set up her beauty clinic. There are different stages of success for beauty clinics, you could be an also-ran, a clinic that does alright or even hit the upper echelons and gain the kind of success that Sono Bello, the clinic I use here in Denver, has reached over the years. The reason that Melody is slowly moving her clinic up through these levels, is thanks to the incredible work which she has done online in marketing the business, and here is how she has done it.

Promotional Marketing

To kick things off Melody knew that she was going to have to get people through the door in order for them to sample her treatments and products. Simply opening up a store and hoping people will come in is a foolish idea so Melody invested in promotional marketing with Groupon, to drive people through the door. After offering some pretty hefty discounts, Melody ensured that those clients got the most incredible service, and thankfully many of them came back again, paying full price.

Social Media

One of Melody’s strongest attributes is her ability to get creative and use social media to the best of her ability in order to bring in more sales. What I love about the way that she uses social media is that it is not all about promotions and offers, but rather engagement. Melody knows that if she can drum up a bit of hype around her business, it will help her to both drive sales and create a brand. The best thing I have seen her do on Facebook is an offer table, basically a grid with 12 freebies or offers, for days ahead of the launch she will let everyone know that the offer table will be going live, and the first to comment on an offer wins. What this does is to create a buzz around the business, and exposes it to a wider audience.


An online review has great power in terms of getting people to your business, or indeed turning them away from it. With this in mind Melody began to encourage her clients to leave a comment on Google about her website. Don’t think however, that she was not trying to get her clients to amp up their reviews just so she looked good, in fact she encouraged honest comments from the clients as she knew that they would be more helpful to viewers. Thankfully 99% of the comments on there are positive which has proven incredibly valuable for business and the attraction of new clients.

Melody embarked on a simple online strategy and it has paid off big time.