Christmas is the time of year when everyone gets a little more eccentric with their home decor.  There’s no end to the fun and pageantry from themed neighborhoods to people hiring professional light installers for their roofs.  Unfortunately, it can feel like everything under the sun has been done!  If you want a little wiggle room for creativity, and aren’t afraid to be a bit weird, here are some of the best unusual ways to decorate the outside of your home for Christmas!

Off-Beat Themes

The most comfortable place to start when looking for unique Christmas decor ideas is considering the theme itself.  Every block has had a house themed about reindeer or snowmen; this year, think of making it your own!  In 2020 a lot of gnome-centric decors have been popping up. You are ranging from little gnome looking elves to classic gnomes themselves.  Another option would be to go for what Christmas means to you and your family.  Some people have gone more personal, creating yard decor that centralizes each family member’s interests.

Fandom Design

Everyone is in a fandom of some sort in recent years.  Whether you’re really into a movie series, like Marvel or DC- or you love a sports team so much that you own several team jerseys.  Consider decorating your yard in a way that will show off your fandom pride with a Christmas twist.  This plan is more straightforward with fandoms that already have to do with Christmas, like the movie A Nightmare Before Christmas or the Grinch- but you can also achieve it by making a cut out of your favorite race car and painting it with Christmas decor.

If you’re not sure what type of fandom you’d like to do, consider which pieces of media mean most to you!  Someone who likes Doctor Who might make a Tardis that they can cover in lights and ornaments, while someone into Star Wars can create a fun alien-esque Christmas scene with droids and figures.  The only limit is your creativity and the weather in your area.  Some of these may be easier to do if you live somewhere with less snow rather than if you’re looking at Detroit houses for sale.

Unique Use of Plants

Do you have any round shrubberies in your yard?  Why not light them up to look like ornaments?  Do you have any trees?  Make them look like the Christmas tree in your living room!  Other fun ideas make more square plants look like chimneys or presents or possibly hanging streamer lights off of trees to make them look like glimmering weeping willows.  Your plants are there year-round, but during Christmas, you should work to make them shine!

Classic Christmas

Santa only got his current looks in the 1930s, and electric lights weren’t in everyday use until the 1960s.  If you want a unique and fun way to decorate your home, consider looking back further.  Christmas decor of the 1800s was lantern-lit and lovingly crafted.  You could recreate an older Christmas and have a unique and warm flare that none of your neighbors have thought of!