management-company-for-reputation Last year my business came under fire after one of our partners was found to have been stealing from their customers. Of course this is something which we had absolutely no part in but despite that we suddenly found many people online who were tarring us with the same brush, simply because of our association with them. To counter this I decided to use a reputation management company and after seeing the reputation management consultant reviews online, I decided to use RMC to help us fix this issue. The problem did get resolved and they offered us far more than just this, helping with our overall reputation. I have since kept the team on for this purpose and here is what they can do for your business and its reputation. Insight To be completely honest with you, prior to the issue that was caused by our partners I had no idea what kind of reputation we even had online and this was the first thing that the company did. They broke down all of the metrics which measure an online reputation and this helped them to put together a plan of attack in repairing and improving our reputation online. Social Media Our social media channels had been used pretty sparsely and the first place that the rep management company started was here. They edited a lot of historical content and either deleted it because it wasn’t relevant or improved it so that it was more likely to be engaged with. Social media plays a key role in your online reputation and so everything that is posted should be well thought out, it should be in line with the values of your company and it should offer value to your followers so that they will engage with it. A rep management company will ensure that your social media accounts reflect what your company is about, as well as ensuring that it is shared in the right way for maximum engagement. Relegation If there is negative content about you online, such as the situation that we found ourselves in, there isn’t much you can do as this information cannot be deleted, even if it is untrue. And so what the rep management company will do for you in this instance is they will produce positive and high quality content which will rank well with the search engines. The result of this is that when someone searches free ebooks for your company, they won’t see all of the negative information which has been written about you because that stuff will have been relegated well down the search rankings. This way the client will only see the accurate and positive information about your company, unless they happen to be looking for some dirt. Your online reputation is so important and through enlisting a company like this, you can greatly boost your levels of success and protect that online reputation.