mapping-your-career Jared Seyl is an expert in the insurance industry and he has worked in famers insurance here in Denver for the large majority of his career, and has recently financial advising firm here in Denver. I met Jared whilst we were doing a short course on financial advice as I was considering doing what he had done, and changing lanes in my career. During the time we spent together he told me about how he had achieved everything that he wanted to in his career, and that was why he changed things up. I wanted to pick his brain further on the subject given that we’d all like to meet our career goals, and he spoke at length about the importance of mapping it out first. Whether you are 20 years in or just starting your career, here is why you should go back to the drawing board. Specifics Many people have general aims for their careers, they’d like to be in a position of power or they would like to be rich, but Jared believes that the best course of action here is to be specific. Instead of saying that you’d like to climb the career ladder, say that you want to become operations manager or CEO. Instead of saying that you would like to be rich, say that you want a BMW in the driveway and $100,000 in your savings account, or whatever figure works best for you. Jared believes that the reason why so many fail in achieving their career goals, is because they haven’t really drilled down into what they actually are. Reverse Engineering Once you know what your career goals are, you need to try and think about what is required from you in order to achieve them. This process of mapping is vitally important because it will help you to spot any bumps in the road and any obstacles which you will need to get over. Of course there will always be things which you didn’t expect but as long as you have a vision of what you need to do for everything else, you will be equipped for this curveballs that life throws at you. Self-Evaluation Something else which Jared stresses as being very important for anyone who is looking to achieve their career goals is an honest and in-depth self-evaluation. This can be done twice per year and it will involve looking at where you are compared with where you think that you should be. The next step of the self-evaluation is to look into the reasons as to why you may not be where you’d like to be, and taking action to resolve that. If you are on the right path then it will be important that you celebrate success and use this as motivation for the future. Career goals can change over time and that is fine, when you do, simply repeat these steps.