Freelance Writing

Becoming a freelance writer isn’t as easy as it looks, but it isn’t impossible. Although it might be a stay-home activity, it is still a job that needs to be taken seriously. To get started there are a couple of tips that you should follow in order to land your first client:

Search for other freelance writers

You will want to know what the whole environment is about and how it works. See what other writers are writing about and how are they doing it, given that they are already working with clients. Don’t copy their style, but learn from everyone’s uniqueness and get inspired.

Don’t be scared to contact people

The best way to get clients and talk to people is directly. Send emails and make calls, be personal with the people who can help you become a freelance writer. Let people get to know you and set yourself out there. Contact bloggers, small and big companies, entrepreneurs, and just about any type of business and let them know how your writing skills can help them grow their business. The first step is to get out there.

Go directly to hiring ads

Check out who is hiring and start from there. Sometimes you will be asked to do a single job, while other companies will hire you for the long run. Search for what people are looking for in their adds, and if they fit you, you can start from there and build your way up.

Start a blog

In the online world, a blog can be used as a resume. Show works that you’ve done, and show a little about yourself. Give people a chance to explore who you are who have you worked with and what have you done for them. Have a blog that shows your experience.

Join Facebook and Twitter groups

There are groups in the social networks that connect freelance writers to locate small and big jobs. It can be an easy way to be notified when job offers go up the in the site, and so you can sort of pick what fits you best.

Check out groups like:

  • Facebook: The Smart Passive Income Community
  • Twitter: @Write_Jobs

Set goals

If you want this to be your only job, you need to set yourself goals. Think of how much money you intend to make and start looking for clients. Start taking work and see how much you can handle, and if you can handle more then you can make more money. Maximize your time and use it wisely; see how long it takes you to write something and how much of that time you were truly invested in the writing piece. Learn how you work under pressure and with time, and get to know yourself, this way you can see your strengths and weaknesses.