Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today… Sorry I couldn’t help it.  Like Sinatra famously sang many years ago so many people want to be a part of it, it being New York and I am no different.  I have been recently exploring the city that never sleeps with my good friend Christopher Halajian and I was not disappointed.  As a newcomer to New York, Chris has been exceptional with helping me come to terms to life in New York.  We have been laughing recently about my first day, I was like a headless chicken, running around, trying to cram everything into one day.  This is where Chris helped me out, we sat down for a drink in a great little café between Matticuck and Southold and discussed the best ways to explore.  I arrived on a Monday and being used to a life of a small town, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I was obviously expecting it to be busy but I arrived smack bang in the middle of the elections and the candidates seemed to be causing a stir.  There seemed to be a lot of crowds and Police across the route we had taken, so as you can imagine I was wondering if I had made a mistake leaving my estate.  I hadn’t, below I have included a few reasons why New York is so magical.


After I started to familiarise myself with my surroundings, once of the first places I visited was Chinatown.  Being a massive fan of the cuisine, it was a no brainer for me and the choice of world renowned restaurants amazed me.  To be honest, the food was one of the main reasons I wanted to explore Chinatown but I discovered a lot more than that.  Chinatown felt like a huge market to me, the array of stalls and stores provide exceptional food and gifts and is an experience I would recommend to anyone.

East Village

East Village seems like a completely different place to Chinatown, it proved to me how many different cultures you can experience in this outstanding city.  Like Chinatown, East Village offers a marketplace, however the marketplace is filled with handmade goods.  It has a huge selection of rooftop bars that provide a great nightlife, filled full of great music and fantastic atmospheres.  When you are done partying, the fast food restaurants are a must, ok so they might not be great for your waist but trust me they are worth it.


Bushwick, is easily my favourite place of New York and that is simply because of the art it possesses.  I am a huge fan of street art and Bushwick has become a hotspot for it, the art isn’t just scattered around and can also now be found in numerous art studios or galleries.  Bushwick also caters for a coffee fiend like myself, you can get some great coffee on pretty much every corner.

Scratching the Surface

Hopefully you get the chance to visit some of these great places I have mentioned. The beautiful thing is, is that I haven’t even scratched the surface. New York is huge and you will get great experience after great experience.