CBD Oil for Cats’ Anxiety

Anxious kitties aren’t anything to joke about. They tend to bite, scratch, and meow like crazy and they can actually be extremely difficult to deal with. Pet owners around the world have been trying to figure out why their cats are behaving erratically; some people just attribute it to different personality types in animals.

Not many pet owners think of anxiety being the root cause of aggressive or hyper behaviors. Research however has shown that cats deal with anxiety in a variety of ways and it could take the form of aggression, laziness, or hyperactivity. Research has also shown that one of the best treatments is CBD oil.

More cat lovers are investing in CBD oil for cats’ anxiety and they’ve actually found some great results. Keep reading to learn more about using pet-safe CBD oil for treating your cat’s anxiety.

First of all, what is pet-based CBD oil?

The most well-known compound of the cannabis plant is THC, but another major compound is cannabidiol (or CBD for short). CBD is a compound that contains healing properties and can help with the treatment of pain, nausea, and anxiety in both humans and animals.

The main difference between CBD for humans and for animals is the potency. Since animals are much smaller than human beings pet-based CBD products aren’t as strong but they still have the potential to treat a variety of common animal ailments. This is especially true for cats.

Pet-based CBD oil takes several different forms. You can purchase salmon-flavored treats for your cat that are infused with small amounts of CBD. You can also opt for a pure oil that can be given directly to your pet or added to its daily meals.

Is it a safe treatment method?

There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding this topic mostly because pet owners fear that CBD oil derived from the cannabis plant will lead to a stoned kitty. This is actually not true at all; CBD doesn’t have the same “high” effect as THC so you have nothing to worry about.

It has been thoroughly tested for the treatment of cat anxiety and the results have been nothing less than stellar. You just need to read the dosage recommendations based on your cat’s size. Always start off will a small amount to see how your kitty reacts before upping the dosage.

How can you be sure that CBD is right for your cat?

You should be able to tell pretty easily if your cat could benefit from CBD oil. Anxiety in cats can be in the form of misbehaving, aggression, or a depressed mood. If your cat experiences any of these things it is time to give CBD oil a try.

Where can you buy CBD oil for pets?

There are tons of retailers that sell pet CBD oil directly from their store. You also have the option to purchase it online and have it delivered to your doorstep. In Canada and the United States where cannabis has been legalized you might be able to find it in your average run-of-the-mill pet store.