Health Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil is an extract from the resin of buds and flowers of the cannabis sativa plant. Moreover, it’s the same plant used in the production of hemp and marijuana.

However, CBD Oil is different from marijuana because it doesn’t contain THC, the psychoactive compound so you won’t get high from using it. And according to the recent World Health Organization report, CBD oil is almost safe for everyone.

Here are the health benefits of CBD oil:

1. Reduces Risk of Cancers

Cancers are one of those diseases that can bring the worst nightmare in your life, but CBD oil is said to help prevent various cancers before they grow. And a 2012 study showed that animals that were treated with CBD had lower chances of developing colon cancer.

Furthermore, an analysis by scientists in 2015 of medical records of over 84000 male patients who used cannabis, it was found out that they had a reduced bladder cancer rate of 45% below the norm.

2. Lowers Risk of Diabetes and Obesity

If you are on the move to prevent diabetes and obesity, then CBD oil is your secret charm. Wondering why? It helps the body to change white fat and convert it into brown fat, which is responsible for weight reduction.

And several studies show that regular cannabis users are associated with lower body mass index, smaller waist circumferences and low risks of obesity and diabetes.

Look at this:

In a study of over 4600 test subjects, it was found out that those who were cannabis users had higher HDL cholesterol levels that protect one against diabetes. And 17% lower insulin resistance levels than their counterparts who were nonusers.

3. Maintains Your Brain Health

CBD oils are neuroprotective. What does this mean? They maintain and regulate your brain health. Wondering how? CBD oils remove damaged cells and help protect your brain cells from damage. Thus, this keeps your brain healthy and functioning well.

More so, help to keep your brain safe by preventing other nerve-related diseases such as neuropathy and Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Strengthens Your Bones Immunity

CBD oils also facilitate the process of bone metabolism, which is the cycle in which your old bone material gets replaced by new ones. And this cycle is key to having healthy and strong bones.

In fact, they help in preventing or lowering the risk of bone diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. As these usually come as a result of the failure of your body to create new bone and cartilage cells which CBD oil helps to create.

5. Enhances Skin Protection and Healing

It has the capacity to repair skin damage from free radicals such as environmental pollutants and UV rays. And CBD oil receptors exist in your skin and are connected to the regulation of oil production in your sebaceous glands.

As a matter of fact, cannabis tropical products can help treat acne, psoriasis and enhance faster healing of your damaged skin.

The Bottom Line

Despite the numerous benefits of the miraculous CBD oil, it’s advisable to always first check with your doctor especially if you are pregnant or on any medication before using any CBD product.