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Dolly Parton is one of the greatest stars of country music. She is also one of the best-selling recording artists of all time. Born the fourth child of 12, the latter grew up in Locust Ridge. Music runs deep in her family. Many played significant parts in Dolly’s success. She once revealed that her Uncle Bill Owens helped her to get started in the music business.

Dolly’s talent soon catapulted her to stardom when she took the stage of ‘The Cas Walker Farm and Home Hour’. She also landed a spot on ‘The Porter Wagoner Show’. Her songs and voice have captured the hearts of generations. Her electric smile has lightened the lives of millions. Her trademark style is stunningly recognised around the world.

Today, Dolly is one of many to receive at least one nomination from all four major annual awards. These include Tony, Oscar, GRAMMY and Emmy. In 2004, the U.S Library of Congress awarded her the Living Legend Award. She was then selected in 2006 to receive the prestigious Kennedy Centre Honours. In 2011, five years later, Dolly won a GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award. She went on to state that her dream was to make people happy. Of everything she achieved, Dolly remains humble.

The star was recently honoured at the 2019 GRAMMY Awards. She won the MusiCares’ annual person of the year award. Soon after, she went on to talk about her decades-long career. Dolly, 73, stated that her husband Carl Thomas Dean has been by her side for the entirety of her career. Yet, he isn’t that fond of watching her perform or of her music.

Dolly explained that her husband has only seen her on stage about two or three times. He feels like he would get nervous if she messes up. The country superstar revealed that he is not necessarily one of her biggest fans. Dean has almost never appeared at public events with his wife. He is more of a hard rock music fan. But he is still proud of his iconic wife and takes great care of her.

Dolly and Dean will celebrate their 53rd wedding anniversary together in May. But she acknowledged that the pair may not agree on everything. She believes that their love for each other and their differences in opinion have helped them a lot. Perhaps, these are what made their marriage last for more than five decades.

Dolly also revealed that on her days off, they would take mini trips in their “little camper”. They would have picnic lunches in the Tennessee countryside as well. Plus, the pair would spend amazing date nights at their favourite restaurants. The couple lives more than a simple life like everybody else.

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Whether it is Michael Jackson or Dolly Parton, their tracks have won the heart of many! The music industry is blessed to have come across these iconic figures. Surely, their voice keeps echoing in the hall of fame of music!