Casinos are not sometimes always about luck. You also have to come up with strategies that can also increase your odds of winning.

Here are some tips that you can follow in order to win more at land casinos. Also, some of these can be used for online casinos.

Win More by Mastering Your Casino Game

Do not be afraid to walk around and get familiar with your casino. After, get familiar with the games in the land casino. In the case of online casinos, you have to know which sites offer more.

Also, place your bets on casino games you know how to play. If you do not know any, at least watch other people play or find a way you can get to know the game.

Always be alert of any promotions or what can look like easy money when it is not. Win more by sticking to your game plan.

Choose the “Weak” Dealers

Getting familiar with your casino means that you have to also know the type of dealers that can increase your odds at winning more.

This process is known as “card holing” and it can increase your winning odds by 6-9 percent if done perfectly.

Look for those dealers who make those little mistakes like not placing the cards properly during a casino game of poker and win more.

Do Not Stray From Your Betting Limit to Win More

Sometimes it is not always about betting more to win more. According to crazy vegas, you can easily win more in land and online casinos by carefully picking up strategies and creating a game plan.

Always be careful to not biting off more than you can chew. We want you to win more not lose more.

Do Not Hesitate to Play the Tournaments

If you want to win more then you should definitely try taking part in the casino tournaments. The money you win is significantly more than the initial bet.

More so, you can place more than a single stake which increases your odds to win more.


You need to learn to be tactical in order to get an advantage over the casino. Remember, practice always makes perfect and who knows maybe this way you get to save for your dream home.