Why You Need a Magpul Stock for Your Rifle

Did you know that 1/3 of Americans report owning a firearm?

Whether you own a gun for hunting, sport, or home defense, Magpul has you covered when it comes to shotgun and rifle stocks. A good quality stock makes for better target acquisition, accuracy, and stability.

Magpul is a premium brand that won’t let you down when you need it. Why compromise on weapon attachments when Magpul offers excellent quality, affordable solutions today. 

If you want to know why Magpul stocks are so popular, read on to find out more.

Why Magpul?

Magpul Industries has been a key player in the gun market for over 20 years. Founded in 1999, they are responsible for such iconic weapon systems as the Modular Lock rail interface and the eponymous MagPul system.

When it comes to shotgun and rifle stocks, Magpul offers a huge range of models and caters to almost every weapon system. Tactical and streamlined, Magpul stocks are renowned for their stylish aesthetic and high-performance rating.

Plus, they’re great value. Magpul AR-15 stocks are some of the most affordable of their class, without sacrificing quality or balance. So, why not upgrade to a Magpul stock today?

Benefits of Magpul Rifle Stocks

Magpul makes some of the best stocks for rifles. From Remmington 700s to AR-15s, their diverse range of stock attachments can fit almost every carbine, AR, or bolt-action rifle model.

Magpul rifle stocks are tactical military spec. They provide excellent target acquisition and stability, alongside unrivaled recoil absorption. Moreover, their sleek aesthetic makes them a favorite amongst collectors. Put simply, Magpul rifle stocks look cool.

Then there’s the compatibility factor. Magpul stocks fit your rifle tighter and more solidly than other options out there. Magpul also has excellent customer service. If you have a problem, they will almost always replace or fix it for free. 

Brand Highlights

Magpul has so many awesome stocks to choose from. Here are a few of our favorite models for rifles:

MOE SL Carbine Stock

The MOE SL Carbine stock is perfect for any AR carbine. The ergonomic and compact design allows for maximum maneuverability. This stock can easily absorb 308. kickback without breaking a sweat.

STR Carbine Stock – Mil-Spec

The military spec STR rifle stock is another classic design. Combining a sleek battlefield design with an ergonomic form, this stock is a must for your collection. When firing, the stock stays locked in position every time.

Hunter 700 Stock

Built to accommodate a wide range of additional extras, the Hunter 700 is a superior stock upgrade for the Remmington 700. Complete with adjustable pull and comb height, the Hunter 700 comes highly recommended.

Magpul Stocks for You

So that’s the 101 on why Magpul stocks are so popular today.

If you want to upgrade your gun and experience a streamlined shooting experience, Magpul has you covered. In terms of comfort and ergonomics, Magpul is hard to beat.

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