Home Heat Recovery System

Rates of asthma among the general population have been steadily increasing for a number of years, with various different causes proposed. Most scientists now agree that there are multiple factors involved, including an overall deterioration in the quality of air in many developed cities. This change in our external environment mirrors an increase in the prevalence of warm indoor microclimates where bacteria can thrive.

The Problem

The rise of fitted carpets, tighter building construction, and central heating have all contributed to an increase in the standard of heat and energy efficiency that we have come to expect from modern homes. However, this extra comfort comes at the expense of ventilation.

A well-insulated home will stay warmer for longer, saving you money on your heating bills during those crucial winter months. However, insulation needs to be balanced with ventilation. If it isn’t, the air becomes stale and moist. Stale and moist air is more likely to contain a number of harmful substances such as bacteria and spores. Both of these can cause serious health issues.


These conditions are also perfect for the common house dust mite. Populations of these mites in your home can explode when the conditions become optimal for them. An allergy to house mites is one of the most common allergies observed in Ireland and creates particular problems for asthmatics. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that the environment asthmatics live in will affect the symptoms and the severity of their asthma.

How a Heat Recovery System Can Help

A heat recovery system is an ingenious appliance, consisting of a unit situated near to the top of your property. The heat recovery system will extract stale air from your home and remove the heat from it. Through a completely separate pipe, it then draws in air from the outside, which it both filters and heats, using the heat removed from the extracted air. This ensures that the heat you extract doesn’t go to waste and is cheaper than generating heat yourself.

Asthmatics will benefit considerably from installing one of these systems in their home, as it will ensure that they are breathing as much clean, filtered air as possible. Ideally, you will install a heat recovery system before you experience any kind of mite outbreak. However, if it’s too late for that then you should also look for ways to get rid of house mites.

At the very least, your heat recovery system will ensure that house mites aren’t able to establish themselves in a significant way in your home. Sufferers of asthma should notice the differences very soon after installing the system. If you think that a heat recovery system could be the right option for you then head over to BPC Ventilation’s website here – https://www.bpcventilation.ie/.

Many asthmatics could benefit from the installation of a heat recovery system in their homes. Not only will they save money on their heating bills, but they will also get all the benefits of clear air.