Pickup truck

A pickup truck is a popular accessory but sometimes a necessity for many households. It is an investment that you should protect since it is a big purchase. A pickup truck can be a regular means of transport, while for other people, their truck is a vehicle that helps them do their work.

One of the wise decisions you can make is to protect your vehicle, particularly your truck’s back, which you use to haul or transport different things in varied sizes, shapes, textures, and weight. Without surface protection, the bed of your truck will have dents, scratches and scrapes over time. Without the right protection, the truck bed will have rust and holes.

And the best way to protect the bed of your pickup truck is to install a truck bed liner. A truck bed liner is form-fitting, which neatly covers your truck’s metal cargo bed to provide it with a tough layer of protection against scrapes, scratches, and dents.

Types of truck bed liners

Truck bed liners come in various types; some are painted, some are fitted, and some are made of plastic.


Drop-in liners have been around the longest among the various options. A drop-in bed liner is made of formed plastic made to fit a truck bed’s specific dimensions. Because it is a pre-made liner, it comes in specific widths and lengths to snugly fit the pickup bed.

For a time, drop-in bed liners were popular, but with the arrival of various pickup truck models and varying sizes, plus the array of different accessories, it isn’t easy to find one that can fit exactly.

One solution is to cut some holes in a universal liner; however, it makes the liner and the truck bed vulnerable. Water can leak through the holes, which can pool around particular spots under the truck bed. The issue could lead to rust, and the areas where the holes were cut could eventually be prone to wear and tear.  

Spray-on bed liners

Another type is the spray-on bed liner, which, as the name suggests, is sprayed onto the truck bed area. The product covers the truck bed with a rough surface to protect the bed’s floor and sides. The rough texture of the liner prevents things placed on the truck from moving around. With a spray-on bed liner, you can cover all the parts that need protection. However, this type of liner has toxic fumes, so the user should wear adequate protection. The bed needs to be properly prepped to ensure good adhesion, as well as specialized equipment.

Bed mat

A bed mat may suffice if you use your truck as a regular vehicle rather than a sturdy transporter. A bed mat is cheaper compared to the other bed liners. It is made of heavy-duty rubber that is extremely tough, enough to protect the bed from dents and scratches. However, it only covers the floor of the truck bed. 

Aside from these different bed liners, some car manufacturers are producing trucks with composite beds, meaning the truck beds are factory-installed with a protected bed surface using compound materials. Of course, this added feature does not come cheap.