What services should you be able to get from an optometrist Fort Myers?  Is going to see an Optometrist only about having an eye exam to see whether you need glassed and if so what glasses prescription you need, or should there be more services available to you when you visit your local Optometrist?

Services from an Optometrist Fort Myers

First of all yes your local Optometrist should be able to do a regular eye exam to see what your vision is like for distance and reading, and then be bale to give you a prescription for your lenses so that you can get glasses or contact lenses.  But there are plenty of other services your Optometrist provides you should be aware of too.

For many there are eye diseases or eye health issues which have affected their family members and they may be worried about also contracting one of these sight issues themselves.  So an Optometrist will test for signs of major eye health issues to catch a disease in its early stages when it can be treated and be possibly counteracted before it goes too bad. These problems that can be caught early or diagnosed for treatment include retinal disease, cataracts, glaucoma, and macro degeneration.  Through correct testing your Optometrist will be able to identify any of these issues and help you receive the treatment required by carrying it out themselves or referring you to a hospital for consultation.

Select and Buy Your Frames at Your Local Optometrist

Another service provided by some Optometrists now is provision of eyeglasses frames.  Some have an excellent selection available including branded and designer frames. When choosing your new glasses you want to come home feeling great about your new image, not embarrassed to wear your new glasses.  So by choosing designer or branded frames you will feel like these new fashion accessories enhance your look, rather than make you want to hide away or never put your glasses on.

Different lens types are available too including prescription sunglasses lenses which mean you can see even in the sun, there’s no need to put regular sunglasses on over your spectacles, or to avoid wearing glasses when its sunny so that our sight suffers.  Also available are transition type lenses which are clear when indoors, but when exposed to sunlight will darken automatically to provide UV protection for your eyes.

Why Consider Contact Lenses?

Another option open to you at some Optometrist offices is the opportunity to try out contact lenses.  There are many advantages to contact lenses, particularly for more active people. If you’ve tried wearing glasses when exercising or playing sports you will know that they hamper your involvement rather than enhance it.  But contact lenses don’t get steamed up, fall off your face or have frames which limit your field of vision. Therefore they’re perfect for physical activity and also for everyday life. Now available in daily disposable versions they are hygienic and safe to use.