What Fans Need to Know About Ghost Machine’s Exciting Comic Creations

The co-op media company Ghost Machine made its official debut on October 12, 2023. Since then, the company has treated its readers to compelling stories and stunning artwork. If you aren’t caught up on the latest happenings around Ghost Machine and their comic creations, now is the time to change that.

Launch titles “Geiger,” “Redcoat,” and “Rook: Exodus” are already amassing their fanbases. Discover how the aforementioned titles have made waves in the world of comic books by learning more about them in this article!


“Geiger” tells the story of former family man Tariq Geiger. During his time as a family man, Geiger endured numerous hardships for the sake of protecting his family, such as the symptoms of bone cancer and the threat of world war. Unfortunately, all of Geiger’s efforts proved in vain as his family still fell victim to the devastation wrought by terrible conflict.

Amidst his grief, Geiger also found himself dealing with the effects of radiation. The radiation transformed Geiger’s body, and soon, he became a dreaded denizen of the atomic landscape. With his family taken from him by war, Geiger is now fueled by vengeance.

Since its debut, “Geiger” has captivated fans with its action-packed pages and deep character work. Whether you’re new to the series or meeting Geiger for the first time, this Ghost Machine offering can quickly hook you in. To no one’s surprise, the incredible artwork leaps off the page, and Geiger remains a striking character both visually and thematically.

Jump early into Geiger’s story and find out where his journey of vengeance takes him. 


Fascinating stories can be told by reimagining history, and you can expect that from the Ghost Machine offering “Redcoat.” In “Redcoat,” readers follow the story of British redcoat Simon Pure.

Simon has led an interesting life, to say the least. Back on December 25, 1776, Simon received a unique “gift.” On that day, Simon became immortal.

The exact cause of Simon’s immortality remains unknown, but he’s certainly gotten the most out of his “gift.” Thanks in large part to his immortality, Simon has made connections with prominent figures in American history. However, he also consistently fails to make a good impression. Soon enough, new acquaintances get their fill of Simon, and he goes on his way.

“Redcoat” gives readers plenty of laughs while throwing in enough mystery to keep them on their toes. Love him or hate him, Simon is also a standout in the world of comics, and his incredible story is worth experiencing.

Rook: Exodus

Last but certainly not least, fans of Ghost Machine can also check out “Rook: Exodus.” “Rook: Exodus” tells the terrible story of war in an alien landscape known as Exodus. In a world abandoned by its makers and scarce resources, Rook and his friend Swine must figure out how to survive.

Rook and Swine settle on escaping Exodus, but that is easier said than done. The flames of war are spreading everywhere, and the walls are closing in on them. Is there hope yet for Rook and Swine, or are they doomed to become victims of yet another war?

“Rook: Exodus” leans heavily into sci-fi themes to take readers on a remarkable journey. At the same time, there’s a human element to Rook that breeds familiarity with readers. The new setting of Exodus is ideal for bold storytelling. Stay tuned to Ghost Machine to see where Rook’s story goes next.