First-timers may think that plant hire firms only serve major construction companies. But that assumption is not right because even an individual can hire a machine from a plant hire company. Plant hire companies typically hire rollers, diggers, dumpers, and excavators. For major construction sites or projects at home, hiring a machine can make a big difference in the job’s execution and doing it properly.

Plant hire companies exist because many contractors and individuals cannot afford to purchase heavy machinery. Many sectors need heavy machinery, but it is not ideal to spend a lot of money on a single piece of equipment they will only use for a limited period. Rather than buying, the better option is to consider hiring plant from a reputable company providing Lancashire plant hire that will provide you with machinery in good working condition and also some expert advice.

Target customers

A plant hire company will provide machines to small, medium, and large-scale construction groups, as well as to individuals. Most of their customers are from the engineering and construction sectors, but manufacturers and agricultural companies are also regular customers. Heavy machinery comes in different sizes, so an individual who wants to redesign their garden or re-pave their driveway can find a small machine that will fit their small space. The plant hire company can provide instructions on how to operate the machine. 

What instructions do plant hire companies provide?

Most customers who hire heavy machinery know how to operate it. But for a new customer, the plant hire firm can provide a handover when it delivers the machine to the customer for the first time and instruct the user on the functions of the machine’s various controls. The company also provides various information about the machines they have. Likewise, reputable companies have expert teams that are always available to help customers.

Licence requirement

Operators of heavy machinery on a construction site are required to pass relevant tests and gain the right licence to use heavy construction machinery. Usually, the construction company has employees who are authorised to use the machinery. For an individual who wants to complete a DIY job, no special licence is needed. But the customer must know the machine is a piece of heavy equipment, so they must be aware of safety considerations. Both the individual and the construction company can pay extra to have a trained professional from the plant hire company to operate the machine.

Rental period

The plant hire company will provide the equipment to the customers as long as they need it. The minimum hiring term is one day. But for extensive projects, the company will continue to allow the customer to use the machines as long as they need them to complete the project.  

Machinery delivery and pickup process

After completing the form or contract, the plant hire will deliver the machine to the construction location on the day the company needs the machine. When the company has finished using the machine, they can arrange for the plant hire firm to pick up the machine. Usually, it takes two days for the plant hire to collect their machine.

These are the core functions of a plant hire company. However, there are plant hire companies that also offer other services, like waste management services and delivery of aggregates.