What Do New Xerox Printers Offer

There are many features of the office which we would have once expected to see that have fallen by the wayside in favor of new digital options. There are however some pieces of machinery which have relaunched themselves to survive in the modern era and new Xerox printers are the perfect example of that. These printers have been heavily relied upon for years, and whilst there is still a need for the printing and sending of documents, there is no doubt that things had to change to bring them forward into the modern age.

So what exactly are the features of the modern-day Xerox printer? Let’s have a look at how they were able to give this product the necessary facelift.

Cloud Software

Cloud software is integral to the way in which so many offices work and that was one of the first steps for the Xerox printer. Many businesses have a large amount of data and documentation in the cloud which they need to print off quickly or indeed send on to partners and clients. The Xerox printer now has cloud accessibility which means that this can be done with absolute ease, and most importantly with great speed.

Increased Security

Something which was rarely thought of some decades ago in the office was a layer of security for the information which is both printed and sent from the Xerox printer. These days the printers have multiple layers of security which users can rely on in order to give their documents the protection which they need. In a world where cybersecurity is everything, this is a vital feature of these printers.

Cellphone Connectivity

Printers are now able to seamless connect to mobile devices such as phones and tablets so that users can send and print their documents from anywhere in the office, or even if they are away from the office. Once again this level of connectivity is so necessary in the world we live in.

Customizable Interface

A fancy new touchscreen is one thing but being able to customize it for each user is a really smart move from these printers and it helps to increase productivity in the workplace. Each member of the team has their own individual needs for their printer and that is why this is such a smart move. Separate files and folders and quick access keys ensure that each user gets exactly what they want from the printer.

In Depth Tutorials

Not everyone is au fais when it comes to using these new printers and that is why they have extensive support options which users can rely on when they are stuck in a jam. This is not the same as the laborious tutorials we once would have found, these are troubleshooting options which use smart technology to highlight the issue and help he user navigate their way out of it.

The Xerox printer is reborn and it is more important than it has ever been before.