Dublin, Ireland

The world is a vast, magical place with so many places to see, and for those fortunate enough to be able to travel, Europe is often a top destination–not only the beauty and history but also for the fun and exciting environment. Perhaps they are considering going to Dublin, and they are wondering this: what’s there to see?

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Known for its beauty and architecture, this may be a good first stop. Not only is it beautiful, but there is so much history associated with it, that will make the trip not just fun but also educational. Plus, where allowed, it is a spectacular place to take photos.

Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo

While a zoo in itself may not make one’s top vacation destinations while traveling, this phenomenal experience may be worth the price. Tickets are limited and go fast, so they would need to be purchased far in advance.

Dublin Castle

This is a must if they’re going to visit Dublin. They’ll feel as if they’ve gone back in time, as they see this historic structure. It may make them yearn for the medieval days and a castle of their own.

Grafton Street

This is a wonderful attraction for those who enjoys shopping. Lined with dozens of shops it will keep their day full as they explore the modern aspects of the city.

Dublin Literary Pub Crawl

This unique adventure will satisfy both their inner literary nerd and give them a chance to try out some of Dublin’s numerous pubs.

Abbey Theatre

This impressive theatre is worth checking out. The shows are always amazing and worth the money.

Irish Whiskey Museum

Most of the people looking to visit Dublin are likely to want to be involved in part of the drinking culture. This is a great place to do so and learn about the history of alcohol and why it is so prominent to Ireland’s culture.

Chester Beatty Library

Dublin is also well known for its literary culture, and this ginormous and magical-looking library may be just the place go for a quiet day. The tour options are inexpensive, and there’s a lot to see and learn. The architecture lines up with the traditional Dublin style and is worth checking out.

Temple Bar

If they are interested in the alcohol culture, this is a must-see. This iconic bar has a lot to offer, beyond the traditional Dublin bar. If they time it right, they might get to see an art gallery or numerous other exciting events.

A Walking Tour

Another Dublin must is embarking on a walking tour. A guide will take them throughout the city on foot. There will be lots to learn and dozens of photo ops, plus the right to tell their friends that they went on a walking tour in Dublin which, admittedly, reserves some bragging rights.

There are lots of attractions in Dublin in addition to list this, so some research will bring about the perfect trip for anyone who likes either literature, alcohol, or history.