Sometimes us humans try so hard to synthesize a product which can help us out, especially in the medical field, when in fact the answer is right there in nature. Around the world there are certain plants and superfoods which can unlock great potential in our bodies, to cure, treat and enhance certain areas of our lifestyle. The Chinese have long been pioneers in this field and one such product which has a huge array of benefits is ginseng. You may have seen these tablets about in pharmacies or you may have spotted a ginseng drink which claims to have a number of health benefits. sometimes we must tread with caution when we see promises like this, but in the case of ginseng it is absolutely correct. Here are the proven benefits of using ginseng in your diet.

Improves Mood, Reduces Stress 

A recent study was conducted at the Brain Performance and Nutritional Research Centre in the UK, which saw 30 volunteers given 3 sets of ginseng and a placebo. The study was carried out to test the effects of ginseng on emotional happiness and overall mood. The results of this study were astonishing and it found that those who were given just 400 milligrams of ginseng, and vastly increased levels of calmness, happiness and the ability to deal with stressful situations.

Improves Brain Function

Ginseng has the ability to stimulate the cells in our brain, boost concentration and focus, as well as enhancing our ability to do cognitive activities. Taking ginseng root each day for a duration of 12 weeks has been shown to improve cognitive performance in those with Alzheimer’s disease. This was a major breakthrough for patients of the disease and an indication of the power that this plant can have on the brain.


A recent study in South Korea found that Korean red ginseng worked well in the body in terms of its anti-inflammatory properties. The study found that red ginseng, when taken over an extended period of time, worked well in terms of preventing the breakdown of cells, and avoiding inflammation in parts of the body.

Weight Loss

We are often told about all kinds of magical products around the world that can support weight loss, but few of them are ever actually tested or proven. Ginseng on the other hand has been found to have weight loss properties as it boosts your metabolism and helps you to break down fats and carbs much easier, thus reducing weight gain and increasing weight loss. An investigation was carried out in Chicago at the Tang Center, to see the effects of ginseng on mice. The results were that after just 12 days of the injection of ginseng, the mice showed weight loss and lower levels of blood glucose in the body. Given that mice have a similar chemical makeup to humans, this bodes well for anyone looking to lose weight.