What is the most important thing about traveling? In my opinion, it gives us an option to clear our minds, and relief of any built up stress we might be having in our lives. Still, for many people, this is easier said than done. Most of them claim that packing is an activity that drives them nuts, and they’d love to find a way to simplify it, or avoid it all together.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the funds to afford a personal assistant who’ll do that for us, but we can ease up the process by using the right equipment. Take the Standard’s Travel Backpack for example. This fantastic bag is not only great when it comes to design, it’s also extremely practical. Still, don’t take our word for it, let’s look into some of its features and showcase why it’s so awesome.


Standard’s backpack belongs in the medium-sized category, standing at 21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 when fully zipped and at 21.5 x 13.5 x 9.5 when completely extended. As you might have noticed, it will fit perfectly within most airline cabins. The weight is set at just 3.7 lbs, but don’t think that you’ll run out of storage space anytime soon, as the overall volume of this carry-on backpack is limited to 45L!

Practical and durable

With its brilliant concealable straps, this carry-on can be transformed into a rucksack in just a few seconds. However, if you’re used to a more traditional carry-on bag, don’t sweat it, as this backpack also comes with a set of cushioned side and top speed handles, allowing you to carry it however you please. Also included in the package is the premium shoulder strap, but you can ditch it, if you wish so.

Through the use of modern materials, that are both extremely rugged and durable, Standard managed to create a travel backpack which offers supreme quality to its users. The fabric in question is the 1680 denier high tenacity ballistic nylon. Not only that it looks good, but it also provides a waterproof protection, which is pretty important, especially if you’re traveling to a place with a rainy climate. In order to further improve on the design, you’ll also be able to use orange or teal leather accents that come with the package.

Great features

What separates this travel backpack from the rest is the abundance of features it offers. A multitude of pockets on the inside raises the practicality to another level, making sure that every inch of free space is filled. This backpack comes with a popular clamshell opening, ensuring easier access to your personal belongings. A sliding laptop sleeve is also added, making sure you’re able to easily extract your gadgets at a moment’s notice.

What most travelers worry about nowadays is safety, and Standard designers made sure to tick all the boxes when it comes to these sorts of things. For example, you’ll have two secure dedicated compartments perfectly suitable for your documents. This company is known for their high standards, and they’ve done their homework this time around as well, equipping this backpack with YKK zips, clips and buckles all around. These items were proven to be of great quality, and it’s a welcomed sight that Standard decided to use them on their products. Ultimately, if things reach a critical point, you can always use a built-in safety whistle, as the last line of defense.

Cost and Shipping Information

If you decide to buy this item now, you’ll get a special discount price of $179.00. Considering the tremendous features this backpack possesses, this deal seems like a bargain. The icing on the cake is the Lifetime guarantee as well as a Satisfaction Warranty Standard included in the package!

Lastly, let’s also mention the information relating to shipping. Once again, we stumble upon some great news, as this travel backpack comes with free worldwide shipping! If you were on the hunt, looking for a reliable travel companion to serve you for years to come, you’ve definitely come across a worthy contender!