When the lockdown hit I decided that I needed a hobby which I could focus on to help me to pass the time at home. I was on the phone to a friend Niclas Herle, a fantastic artist and I was talking about this very subject. Nick suggested that I started to do some coloring in. I laughed at first, after all I didn’t realize that coloring in was something which grown adults did. The truth however was very different to what I had in mind, and there is a wealth of adult coloring in books which you can use. These are of course much more intricate and detailed than you would find in a child’s coloring in book, but they are just as fun.

If you haven’t seen this before, here are some reasons why I would suggest that you have a go at coloring in.

Passing The Time

As mentioned the reason as to why I wanted a hobby was to help me to pass the time during lockdown and I can tell you that this is certainly something which will do that. Because you get so focused and engrossed in what you are doing, the time really does just disappear. I have spent what felt like 15 minutes on a piece and then I look at the clock to realize that over an hour has gone by. If you are looking for a time consuming hobby then this is certainly it.


In the past when I have mediated I have always felt a sense of relaxation and a sense of order as well, at least in terms of thoughts. This is the same thing that I have been feeling after I have done some coloring in, that real level of calmness and order which I didn’t have before. This is yet another reason why I would absolutely recommend this as a hobby, because it helps you to forget about the stresses and strains which you may have, and to focus solely on the mission at hand.

Improves Planning and Organization

Something which I was unaware of until recently is that through coloring in you can actually help to improve your ability to organize and to plan. Ultimately when you think about it, you are presented with this structure which you have to color in. First you set out your colors and what you are going to do, and then you take your time to ensure that you color in the piece gradually, paying attention to all of the detail. This is what helps to train your brain and to improve your ability to organize and execute a well thought out plan. Adding colors to a page can actually help you in other areas of your life, incredible.

Make no mistake, the coloring in books for adults are very detailed and technical, this is not just a book to scribble in but one to really invest some time and some energy into.