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If you are thinking about going on cruise travel with your friends or family, then you must surely check out what Croatia has to offer to you. In the past, it was a popular cruise destination for people from Europe, but now it also frequented by Americans and rest of the world.

Croatia is a spectacular country with the beautiful coastline, stretching across 1100 miles. While you cruise across the coastline, you will be dazzled numerous islands around the country. Some of the lovely places to visit in Croatia are Korčula, Island Of Hvar, Split, Dubrovnik, Brač, and Zadar.

The best time to visit this country is after mid-April. But holiday season here continues until mid-October when the climate starts to get colder. 
If you are a nature lover, then Croatia will surely delight you. They have 8 national parks, 11 nature park, and 2 reserves. You can witness the best showcasing of UNESCO heritage sites from the cruise boats. The sightings of massive castles and palaces from the ancient times will leave you totally mesmerized.

Enjoy the best luxury gulet cruises:

Luxury gulet cruises are very popular among people visiting this beautiful country. For those who are not familiar with gulets, they are the traditional boats that are found mostly in the Mediterranean waters of Turkey and Croatia. These luxury boats come in different sizes and features, and they usually have about 5- 8 rooms. 

Gulets are equipped with all the modern amenities that you can think of. If you wish to have a wonderful time with your family or with your friends, then you must surely go on a gulet cruise in Croatia. The wide blue waters, never-ending islands, and the beautiful spectacle of the land from the sea, will draw a memorable picture in your hearts. 

There is no better way to enjoy the local Croatian cuisine than on your luxury gulets. They have old traditions and heritage connected to their cuisine and food choices. Most of their dishes are Mediterranean and sea food based. You will surely ask for more servings.

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Plan you luxury gulet tour online:

You can easily plan your trip, and do your bookings online. The prices of chartering the gulets will depend on the size of your group, season you cruise in, and the number of days you wish to charter it for. However, these prices can go up during the peak tourism season in Croatia. You can get better prices, if you book your gulet cruise in advance.

While booking a gulet cruise online, you will need to provide some information to your service provider.

Describe the type of group you are traveling with and how many of them are coming with you. They will want to know if any teenagers or small children are traveling with you. If you wish to make any special or personalized requests, you can inform them about it.

You will also need to tell them about the exact dates of your travel. They might offer you better rates, if you are flexible with dates. During the holiday season, these gulets will embark on cruises, mostly on Saturdays. Your cruise duration will be 7 days long, but you can always ask for customized offers, according to your preferences.