We often hear talk of ways in which you can save energy around the home, but what exactly is the motivation behind doing so? Last week the brilliant Joon Faii Ong was discussing this subject with regards to climate change, which of course is more often than not the angel which we hear about. The reality is that including this are many reasons as to why you may wish to save energy around the home and why more of us should be making a concerted effort to make changes to how we are at home in order to help bring down the amount of energy which we are using.

Green Credentials

We may as well start with the most common reason why people look to save energy around the home and that is because it helps to save the amount of fossil fuels which are burned, which impact the planet in a bad way. All of that carbon ends up burning through our atmosphere and the result is the warming of the planet, which has dreadful consequences for us all. This is why so many people either look to reduce the amount of energy which they use at home and why they are also seeking to create their own energy using solar panels for example.

Saving Money

Some people believe that it is not possible to save large amounts of money on the energy bills simple by making a few changes in terms of behaviors, but the reality is that you really can make a difference. We have seen many people who have managed to reduce their energy bills by upwards of 15% through making simple changes like turning lights off, adding an extra layer of clothing instead of using heating and utilizing thermostats for warming and cooling the property. These are small changes which you can make that will have a substantial impact on the use of energy and the cost which is associated with that.

Wasting Resources

One of the worst things to be said about the world in which we live, despite how accurate it may be, is that we are a race of wasters, we throw junk away like plastics and metals which make their way to the sea, we suck everything out of the planet and then just waste it as if it held no value. Ultimately the energy which we are using right now is finite and there will come a time where we cannot live in this way any longer. The question is therefore, why use energy which is giving you nothing? Why leave lights on and use energy which you don’t need? Ultimately this wastefulness will catch up on us, and then we will regret having been that way in the first place.

There are a million ways in which you can make sure that you use less energy around the home, and there is plenty of motivation for doing exactly that.