I always knew that healthy eating was what we are ‘supposed’ to be doing but it wasn’t until my college days that it really hit home just how important it was. My roommate Jessica Leonard was studying nutrition and she would of course share with us information which she had learned about certain foods and what they could do for the body, as well as the importance of a heathy eating lifestyle. At that time it is fair to say that I wasn’t exactly living the best lifestyle, but Jessica was a great source of help to inspire me to change this and live better. When you do choose a healthy lifestyle, here are the benefits that you can expect.

Weight Loss and Management

Many think that exercise is the answer to weight loss but the truth is that it is impossible to work out and lose or manage your weight if you aren’t eating a great diet. In fact you could exercise for 3 months every day without changing your diet and see little change, whereas you could eat well for 3 months, not exercise and see huge changes.

Lower Cancer Risk

Being overweight or eating unhealthy foods is going to significantly increase your risk of getting cancer later in life. As I am sure that you are aware of, cancer is a horrible disease which destroys the body and brings nothing but pain and anguish to all involved. Eating an unhealthy lifestyle is a surefire way to put yourself in the crosshairs of this awful disease.

Improved Mood

There is a very close relationship between your diet and your mood and those who eat a healthy diet are normally those with more confidence and energy, and those who always have a smile on their face. We very much are what we eat and if you are putting fatty or unhealthy food into your body, then your mood is going to be negatively affected.

Brain Power

Diets which are rich in nutrients, healthy oils and vitamins are excellent for improving your brain function and diet has been linked to improving memory and cognitive performance. When it comes to disease in later life such as Alzheimer’s or dementia which is caused by cognitive decline, these are often found most in those who have not lived healthy lifestyles.

Lights Out

Eating better will also increase your ability to get a great night of sleep. Healthy eating increases your body’s ability to process food and expel waste and because the body is in a better condition as a result, your sleep quality is going to greatly improve. Healthy eating will help you to fall asleep quicker and ensure that you get the high quality REM sleep which is when the body is able to properly rest and recuperate.

Healthy eating is so important and you run big risks if you are consistently eating an unhealthy diet.