There are so many perks of working from home. Being a freelancer brings you the most important benefit of never leaving your jammies. Also, you can find the time and make the whole family happy by preparing them lunch while you’re working! In addition, you can organize your day for your own and prioritize your tasks in the order it suits you, without having someone telling you what to do and when to do it.

Although, while these are the reasons why you should consider working from home, for some people, they are the reasons why they refuse to do it. Some people enjoy preparing to go to work, are eager to meet their colleagues and spend as much time away from home as they can.

Nevertheless, if you belong to the first type of people described above, I will teach you how to become a pro freelancer, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of staying at home for a long period.

Build Your Online Business Profile

No matter if you decide on working on an already established freelancing site like Upwork or you want to develop your own website and advertise your services yourself, you need to build your online profile. That is why it is of paramount importance that you include your previous works and display them clearly so you can attract clients. Having testimonials, comments and recommendations are essential for your business to bloom.

If, for example, you are an SEO and you’ve worked on optimizing a site, put the link of that site on your website and profile and add a hyperlink leading the clients directly on the site, like this This way, your clients can see for themselves what kind of job you have done with the site.

Keep in Touch with Your Previous Clients

Usually, freelancers work with a person directly, not with a business. Even if there’s a business involved, there’s always one person you contact with. Make sure you maintain the relationship with that person. It is essential that your relationship is good, as the word-of-mouth referral always works for people. You never know who that person will run into and who might be interested in your work.

Be Selective

As soon as you establish yourself, it is time to become more selective. Choose to work with those clients that give you regular, steady work. This way you’ll know you’re on the safe side and work will come. Dealing with new clients after a while becomes boring and unnecessary. If you want to grow and expand your income, anchor clients are the right choice for you.