Quitting smoking is hard. It can be one of the hardest things to do for a smoker, and because cigarettes are so addictive, it can feel downright impossible. But in fact, it’s far from it. Making yourself quit smoking may not be easy, it’s very doable. You will need a lot of willpower and patience, indeed, but the end result will be extremely worth the discomfort you’d feel while going through the entire process.

Be prepared before you start

There is no fool proof way to quit. It’s all up to you, and one of the first things you should do is to lay out a plan. Start by figuring out exactly why you want to quit, which should be hard since smoking has an excess of a negative aspect. Next, contact friends and people in your close circle and let them know of your intentions. They might be of invaluable assistance. Also, don’t forget to note every possible trigger that might cause you to smoke again, and evade them when you’re feeling vulnerable.

Consider Replacement Therapy

The substance that causes the largest addiction to cigarettes is nicotine and using nicotine-replacement therapy can be of tremendous help. Nicotine patches and gum dispense small doses of nicotine to ease the urges until you’re ready to fully quit on your own.

Use medication

There are certain drugs that block receptors and keep the nicotine from activating the brain. Drugs like Chantix and Zyban might help, but it’s important to note that consulting with professionals is important before reaching out for medication.


There are many studies that have shown that exercise significantly reduces the urge to smoke, as well as the withdrawal symptoms. Not only that, but exercising can be an excellent coping mechanism, and it can help the body regain its health back that it’s lost from smoking. The effect of exercise like running, swimming, or aerobic, can be felt even up to several hours after you’re done with exercising.

Practice Mindfulness

While such meditations are a relatively new thing, there is some corresponding evidence that smokers who practice mindfulness have a significantly easier time to either reduce smoking or completely quit it. Mindful meditations, as well as yoga, work the best when already in tandem with another quitting method because they have a very positive effect on the mind.

Go to counselling

There is nothing shameful in contacting a professional that will thoroughly assist you in giving up smoking. Sometimes that’s the best option you might have, a person that will hear you out and give helpful advice, whether it’s someone from your closest circle, or a professional like from the linked Allen Car website. What’s important is for you to reach out for assistance if you feel like you’ve been overwhelmed by trying to give up smoking altogether. It really can be a difficult thing to go through.

There is no simple way to quit smoking. If there was, nobody would’ve been addicted to cigarettes. But if you have the will and the willpower to quit, then quitting is within your grasp, and you have to reach out.