Car wax

When summer comes around, you want to make sure you have an AC recharge kit handy just in case the air conditioner blows out unexpectedly. However, you also need to make sure the harsh summer sun does not damage your car’s paint too much. In some areas of the country, it can get over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Excessive exposure to that kind of heat can really do a number on your vehicle. With a few precautions, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in repair costs. 

Wash Your Car Frequently

Debris and dirt can also damage our car’s paint job, so you should get it washed often for that reason alone. You do not want to allow these substances to dry and bake onto the car’s surface or else it will be more difficult to get rid of. You may need to invest in the best scratch repair kits if this were to happen. It is recommended to wash your car immediately after objects have dried onto it. This is particularly important after a long road trip when your car is likely dirtier than normal. 

Hand Dry After a Wash

Ordinarily, you may be able to get away with air drying your vehicle after a wash. However, this has the potential to leave behind minerals, which will fade the paint job over time. To prevent the paint from fading, you should clean using cotton rags to dry away these water spots. It requires a little extra effort, but it is well worth it in the long run. 

Wax Your Vehicle

After a wash, you need to wax your car. While it may seem like a superfluous step, it is essential during the summertime. With the best car wax, you want to add an additional level of protection from debris and dirt. The wax helps block out the sun’s rays, so you can worry about the paint job fading less. 

Park Your Car in Cool Places

Although washing and waxing is important, you also need to think about where you store your car most of the time. You should ideally give it some kind of coverage most of the time. It should be parked in a garage when you are at home and within a parking structure at work. In the event those are not options, then you should try to park it under trees. This is especially important when you are out on the town shopping. 

Not only will shading your car help the paint, but it will also protect the tires, headlights and interior. Sunlight can enter through the windshield and gradually degrade the dashboard, seats and steering wheel. This is why many drivers invest in a windshield cover to put up when they leave the car. With this approach, you ensure the sunlight does not negatively affect any aspect of your car.

Get the Supplies You Need

Summer should never bring dread. You can actually enjoy the season knowing your car is protected. Just follow these tips and get all the extra supplies you need from your local auto parts shop.