How to Make a 2022 Calendar

Did you know that paper calendars are still popular? Despite advancements in technology for phones and other devices, the good old-fashioned calendar and planner are preferred by many people. They are fun and functional, and having unique images on the calendars can make them more personal than any app. 

Have you been thinking of making a calendar of your own this year? If you’ve been wondering how to make a calendar, now is a great time to learn. Whether you want to craft your own gifts, or to be super organized, follow these tips to create your own 2022 calendar.

Consider Your Reasons To Make a Calendar

There are many reasons to make a calendar for 2022, and one of the best ones is that it can be a fun personal project. You can include photos in your design that remind you of good times, or help celebrate an occasion for a family member or loved one by incorporating their photos into the design as a gift. If you have a business, it’s a fantastic way to connect with your customers. 

Include Special Dates

While it’s a given that it’s a good idea to include holidays on your calendar, you can also personalize it by putting in other special dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones. If you are making a calendar as a gift, you can get creative and tailor it to the recipient. 

Decide on a Format

When creating a calendar for 2022, you’ll need to pick a format. But before you do that, make a budget and see what fits financially since there is a wide range of prices for printing calendars. Then think about whether you or your recipients would prefer a spiral-bound desk version, pocket, tear-away cube, or wall style. 

Pick a Layout

The next step is to choose the calendar layout for your design. You can make this decision based on the images you want to use and how it relates to them. Or pick one that you feel is the most visually pleasing and comfortable for your use. 

Use Apps To Make a 2022 Calendar

If you want to add some flair to your calendar project, try one of the collage maker apps out there. It’s simple to use and can provide inspiration with a myriad of templates, fonts, and free images to help you customize your design. 

Ready To Create a Calendar? 

Now that you’ve learned how to make a 2022 calendar, you can begin your project with confidence. Start by figuring out a format for your design, and then explore layouts and collect images. You can send it to a printing company or use a special collage app to create your calendar and make it personal and unique. 

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