These days, frequent flyer points are now offering a whole lot more than just merely winning a coveted free trip every once in a while. Customer reward schemes like frequent flyer miles now bundle a few great bonuses as well. These may add up to include access to online shopping, several hotel discounts, as well as gift vouchers. Apart from that, they can also include various first-class in-flight upgrades as well as access to multiple VIP airport lounges.

However, making the most of your Qantas loyalty program can turn out to be a bit of a bewildering minefield. This is why various online guides have certain ideas that can also effectively show some practical tips for earning those frequent flyer points. These points are coveted by customers as it allows them to avail these offers and have plenty of fun while doing so.

Qantas, being Australia’s largest airline (both domestic and international) and one of the founding members of the Oneworld alliance, provides its customers amazing rewards on redeeming its frequent flyer points.

As of now, various travellers can also easily earn points in the mainstream Qantas frequent flyer program quite simply by flying Qantas, JetStar, and any of its other partnering airlines. Let’s check out a few tips for acquiring Qantas points.

Try and Enrol in the Qantas Frequent Flyer Points Program

This is the very first step towards earning Qantas Frequent Flyer Points. In other words, you should just simply try and sign-up for the airline’s very own loyalty program. Once you do so, they will give you a membership straight away and you can use your membership card to check the total number of points that you have accumulated.

For international patrons, there is no fee to join this program but Australian residents have to pay around AUS$ 89.50 for this privilege.

Booking Suitable Flights on Qantas or JetStar Airlines

The total number of Qantas Points that you can potentially earn for any particular flight are typically based on cabin class, membership level as well as the total distance traveled. For most economy class travelers, it comes to around 1 point per mile.

Qantas has its own system regarding the specific number of points earned and their corresponding rewards, explained in a series of earnings tables on their website.

Apart from that, it is also quite possible to go about buying points at Points Bank so that you will be able to enjoy the many facilities that Qantas’ frequent flyer points system can offer you.

Cabin Bonus Points

It is also possible to fly premium economy with not just Qantas and JetStar but also airlines partnering in the Qantas frequent fly points programs such as American Airlines. You can be eligible to receive a “cabin bonus” that may extend up to ten percent more points.