How To Find Must-Read Audio Books for Road Trips

Are your road trips usually filled with music or even silence? There’s nothing wrong with turning up the tunes or taking some downtime. But for your next journey, consider finding a few must-read audio books to fill the hours with a great story or new knowledge. Not sure where to start? Try a few of the following ideas.

Set up a Playback Method

First, make sure your vehicle has a good playback method for audio books. If you have a newer vehicle like a top new Ford for sale on today’s market, you probably won’t have much difficulty. But if your car is older, you may have to get creative with your phone or tablet. Put all of this in place before your trip so that you don’t have to fuss and fumble and get frustrated during your journey.

Narrow Down Interests

Next, narrow down your own interests and those of your fellow travelers. Make a little survey. Perhaps some enjoy mysteries while others like history or spirituality. This will give you a good idea of audio books that will be appealing to everyone involved.

Find Fascinating Possibilities

Now do some research to find fascinating audio book possibilities, and make a list. You might pull up historical mystery books or new thrillers. You could find a few fun fairy tales or fantasy novels. You might even dip into nonfiction history, science, or biographies.

Start with the audio book collection you already own, especially if you haven’t listened to all of them yet. You might not have to spend anything at all to fill your whole trip with stories. If you’re new to audio books or don’t have much of a collection, then go shopping. Try Amazon or Barnes & Noble according to your preferences.

Take a Vote

When you’ve made your list of fascinating possibilities, you’ll need to make a decision about which ones to listen to on your trip. If you’re traveling with others, you might take a vote. Give fellow travelers a list of audio books, and ask them to mark their first, second, and third choices. Then tally up the results, and choose one or two audio books that will carry you through your journey. Remember that audio books are usually several hours long, so adjust according to the time you’ll be spending in the car.

Discuss as You Listen

Finally, as you listen to audio books, take time to discuss them. You might pause occasionally after chapters or especially interesting passages and ask your fellow travelers what they think. Encourage them to bring up questions or make comments. You may find yourself enjoying your discussions as much as the books themselves, and everyone will grow and learn together.

A Trip Filled With Fun

Audio books can fill your next road trip with fun. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in delightful stories, learn new things, and engage in fruitful discussions. So make audio books a part of your journey. You might even find yourself addicted to audio books and ready to make them part of your regular schedule.