Dog Health

Deciding on an all natural dog food might seem simple at first. But just wait until you walk into your local pet store and see the dozens, if not hundreds, of options available to pet owners. Obviously you can rule out cat foods that are infiltrating the same aisle, but even after that there are still tons of dog food brands to choose from. 

To narrow the choices down even further, don’t even consider anything that is not labeled as “all natural”. A brand that lacks the all natural label means that it most likely contains harmful artificial ingredients that won’t do your pooch any favors when it comes to health. Even brands with the all natural label should be examined closely, since many claim to contain only natural ingredients without actually delivering on this fact. 

Consider the Canine in Question

This is a very important step when choosing a dog food that is fit for your furry friend. It goes without saying that a Pitpull has different dietary needs than a Dachshund, and not just because the sheer difference in size. Dogs come in many different shapes and sizes, and each unique dog breed has its own set of dietary needs. When choosing a dog food, focus on the unique characteristics of your canine, like breed, size, and age. 

Decide if Grain Free is Right for Your Dog

Many pet owners are steering away from grain free foods because of some controversial findings. However, some grain free foods deliver on their promises, so don’t rule out a grain free diet for your dog altogether. Grain free can be a wonderful thing, especially if you dog is experiencing an allergy to gluten. 

On top of providing relief for gluten-allergic or gluten-sensitive dogs, grain free foods come with tons of additional benefits. They have been proven to reduce shedding, make coats shinier, and help overweight canines slim down. If you’re unsure about whether to go grain free, just ask your local veterinarian. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Spend Time Reading Labels

We aren’t afraid to meander through grocery store aisles, reading labels as we go. As humans, we are starting to care more about what goes into our bodies. This is a wonderful practice since the body should be considered as a temple, and the ingredients we put in have a direct effect on our overall health. The same exact behavior needs to be applied when feeding our dogs. 

A dog does not have the same power and independence as we do when it comes to diet. Your dog is relying on you to feed him or her with only the best ingredients that will improve overall health and wellbeing. So go ahead, read the ingredients list on a package of dog food just as you would on a package of tortilla chips. 

Choosing the right dog food doesn’t need to be difficult, it just takes some practice. Whatever you do, try not to automatically gravitate towards the cheapest option. Remember that your dog is counting on you, just as your children would, to deliver a nutritious diet.