How to Choose the Perfect Date Outfit

Did you know that nearly half of US adults claim that dating has become harder in the last decade? 

A whopping 67% of daters say that things in their dating life are going “not too well,” while 75% say they find it somewhat to very difficult to find people to date.

So, if you’ve finally found someone worthy of dating, you’ve probably got a running list of concerns in your head—namely how to choose the perfect date outfit. We’re here to help.

First, take a deep breath and relax: you are a sexy, awesome, dateable person. Next, have a look at our advice.

Where Are You Going?

The number-one thing that should inform your date-night outfit is where your date is taking place.

For example, a fancy dinner at a fine-dining restaurant will have you looking through all your most impressive outfits and giving yourself a spritz or two of Mont Blanc Explorer. But a more casual date—like attending a baseball game—means your date-night fashion boils down to a t-shirt and your most comfortable pair of jeans.

Discuss your date itinerary before it happens. No, “you’ll find out when you get there”s. Save that spontaneity for the established relationship.

What’s the Weather Like?

The second most important factor in choosing your date outfit is the weather.

Is it going to be sunny, rainy, windy? Are the temperatures cold, warm, sweltering hot?

As Cheryl says in Miss Congeniality when asked about the perfect date: “I’d have to say April 25. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.”

While that wasn’t exactly the point of the question, there’s no denying she was onto something. You don’t want to be uncomfortable on your date—whether that’s sweating or shivering profusely. Instead of focusing on having a good time, you’ll be too worried about whether your date can see your armpit stains or your goosebumps.

So, plan accordingly.

What Are You Most Comfortable In?

Shopping for a new outfit—or wearing something beyond your usual scope—can feel fun and exciting as you’re getting ready in your room pre-date.

But once you step out, the unnerving feelings come quickly: Is this dress too short? This button-up too preppy? These heels too high? These slacks too fancy?

The bottom line is wearing what you feel most comfortable in, allowing you to focus less on your attire and more on the captivating conversation. If you’re constantly worried about your outfit, you won’t be able to engage as you normally would. While accounting for the weather and the location, be sure to wear something you feel good in, because that’s important, date or no date.

Ready to Wear Your Perfect Date Outfit?

If you think these tips were simple, that’s because they are.

Choosing the best date outfit doesn’t have to be difficult—it only has to check off a few boxes.

One, that it’s fitting for the setting. Two, that it’s appropriate for the weather. And three, that you feel comfortable in your skin.

At that, we bid you a fond adieu and wish you all the luck on your date. If you need more fashion advice in the future (or tips on what music to listen to as you get ready), be sure to come back to our blog!