Rugby is the least talked about sport. But one of the most fascinating sports there is. How it started? Is it a story to totally read about? Keep on reading and find out how the sport became such a farce back in day till present day

Ball and No Rules

Unlike best online casino payouts games that came with rules the game of rugby did not. Because it is impossible to play any online game with no guideline. Something that didn’t worry American college students.

But there was need to put a stop to the chaos. Later on in the century the chaos begun to be detailed. In 1867 Princeton put some ground rules. Starting with the number as players that could participate in one field. Just like in the game of soccer the ball had to be kicked under the bar and between the posts.

Rugby Becomes Official!

It was high time the big boys sat down and talked rugby. As reported by around 1867 in November a meeting was held. And it is believed that this meeting was the game changer for the sport.

At this meeting Princeton then adopted the rugby code. From this time going forward the code determined how the sport was going to be. And later every other college was persuaded to follow suite.

The Rugby Transition

It was out with the old and in with the new for these rugby champs. From playing in a countryside field that was big and open to a smaller defined field. This helped players have a better plan as to how they will manoeuvre the game.

And get this, the games were rather not decided on the points scored but rather on how few safeties a team had to concede. As crazy as that sounds they had to live with it and keep up with the game.