Never in my life did I think that I would find myself critiquing a parking garage but since moving to Boston, MA that is exactly the situation that I have been in. Boston is a nightmare for parking and this is why there is a real need for good parking garages. Unfortunately most of these parking garages are absolutely dreadful and they really don’t do what they are supposed to. I have colleagues who have had their cars damaged and even stolen from, which is why this has been a lengthy search for me. I have however found the solution, Dock Square Parking Garage, the best in the city and until I have sent out this article, the city’s best kept parking secret, and here is how they are able to get things so right.


There are too many charlatans in this city when it comes to parking garages and they often increase their prices because of the lack of competition in their area. Although Dock Square doesn’t have any immediate rivals in their locality, they charge what I consider to be a very fair price indeed. Something which I really like about their pricing structure is that you pay less per hour if you are long stay, than you if you stay short term. This is perfect for people like me who are office workers and will leave the car there all day.

Maximum Security

This place is filled with cameras and staff walking around in order to ensure maximum security in the parking garage. It sounds absurd but there are so many garages who get this wrong, despite the fact that the main reason for leaving your car in a garage in the first instance is for security reasons. I love the way that Dock Square handle this and as far as I am aware there have never been any security issues here, at least not since I have been parking there.


Another common complaint that I hear about certain parking garages is that they squeeze far too many cars in to small spaces which of course greatly increases the risk of damaging your car or that of someone else. In Dock Square they have a really smart way fo doing things which is to have a number of small spaces for little cars, and then some bigger spaces for the SUVs and trucks. This ensures that you always have space to open up your car door, and you are never at risk of bumping another vehicle, or them doing the same to you.

Customer Service

Because of the fact that I park my car here each day, the guys at the garage are familiar with me and whilst I never thought that customer service was that important in a parking garage, it turns out that it is actually very nice to have. A friendly good morning really does go a long way.

If you are in Boston, MA, this is the parking garage to visit.