How Different Types Of Massages Can Help You

These days, we all lead busy lives which can take a toll on us mentally and physically. It is essential that we take time out to relax and unwind so that we don’t become overwhelmed or burnt out. There are several things that you can do to feel calmer, whether that’s meditating, journaling, or going for a run. One of the most popular ways to relax our bodies and minds is through massage – with a range of different massages available to help with different ailments or injuries, you can choose from the best tantric massage in London to experience pleasure or a deep tissue massage to target knots in the muscles. If you’re looking for the perfect type of massage for you, read on. 

Tantric massage 

Tantric massage is a type of full-body massage that is intended to be erotic and is said to move sexual energy around the body. The intention of this type of massage is to activate all the pleasurable areas of the receiver’s body and is designed to lead to a feeling of orgasmic bliss. This massage is said to open your body to feel more pleasure. The emphasis on this type of massage is being present, it often uses light touch and is a sensual way of achieving pleasure and relaxation. 

Deep tissue massage 

A deep tissue massage aims to reduce knots, aches, and pains in the deep layers of muscles and tissue within your body. A massage therapist that specialises in deep tissue massage will slowly press their fingers into the skin and apply pressure in firm, slow strokes – by doing this, they are able to target deep tissue. This type of massage can be great for anyone that plays a lot of sports and may have tight, sore muscles from being overworked, or for someone that suffers from poor posture. It can help to rehabilitate injured muscles, as well as leave you feeling relaxed and stress-free, as it helps to soothe tension held in the body. 

Swedish massage 

In contrast to deep tissue massage, Swedish massage uses less pressure, combining shorter, tapping strokes with longer and deeper strokes using moderate pressure. During the massage, it is not unusual for the therapist to move limbs around.  This massage is good for relieving moderate pain and muscle problems, as well as having the ability to relieve feelings of stress. One of the main benefits that this type of massage boasts is the ability to reduce lower back pain. It can help to keep ligaments and tendons supple, as well as improve blood circulation throughout the body. 

Hot stone massage 

This type of massage uses hot stones to ensure a deep massage with both hot and cold components. The therapist will apply hot stones to your body and will sometimes use them to give the massage, using the stones means they can reach deeper tissues, but can still use a light amount of pressure. Hot stone massages are great for loosening muscle tension, which is essential when trying to achieve relaxation. This type of massage can help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, as well as promote sleep and helping to soothe chronic pain caused by illness. 


This type of massage became more popular throughout the last century. Reflexology consists of applying acupressure to the hands and feet to bring about various health benefits; however, more research is needed to confirm this. Reflexology is said to support the body in functioning to the best of its ability, by stimulating reflex areas on your feet – the point of this is that various parts of the body are said to correspond with various organs and systems inside us and can help to ensure they’re functioning correctly. If you’re hoping to try something new, reflexology could be the massage technique for you