Politicians were traditionally known to be the ones who have second homes. However, in the wake of global expenses scandals, this is no longer the case. But some people don’t know, however, is that this has made those second homes, which are true luxury apartments, more available to everyday individuals. Gary G Friedman is someone who has been at the forefront of design of luxury apartments for many years. He has seen a real change in perspective both in terms of what these luxury apartments look like and who lives in them. Mainly, this shift in demographics has made these apartments become more bold in design.

Gary G Friedman on Boldly Designed Luxury Apartments

The expenses scandal is not the only reason why luxury apartments have become more accessible. The second reason is that people no longer want to live in Suburbia. Millennials want to be in the heart of where everything happens and that means they are looking for places to live within busy centres. In turn, this means they need apartments as there are no more homes in the middle of the city. At the same time, they have quite high demands in terms of how they like to live their life, including looking specifically at tools and technologies that others would have classed as luxurious for a long time.

Of particular interest is the fact that many people who own lease apartments have now shifted they’re ideal tenant review. They are looking for those millennials, those people who have high expectations and high demands, also a lot of money to spend. At the same time, this has meant they have had to change the way the apartments look. Gone are the days of the gilded mirrors and ostrich feathers and velvet silver curtains. Today, everything is sleek and straight, and everything is all so technologically sound. Millennials wants to come into a home that is already at the perfect temperature because they set that through their smartphone while they were still at work. Properties have to be secure using smart technology. And if at all possible, the coffee maker will set itself off ready for the morning.

What does means for luxury furnishing restorers and sellers like Gary Friedman is that there has been a change in perception. That said, certain classical items are truly timeless and have a place in the modern luxury home as much as what they do in the Moor old fashioned luxury home. People still want the same basic things, however. They want furniture that is both beautiful and comfortable, well at the same time being functional and of the highest possible quality so that it doesn’t need to be replaced all the time. They want eye-catching pieces that other people will talk about when they leave. They want unique designs and works of art that others will be jealous of. Millennials know what they want and they know where to get it. For people like Friedman, this has brought some changes about, but embracing change is also a 21st century concept.