Fun in Orlando

As everyone knows, Orlando is the best city to visit if you want to see a theme park. They are great places to see as a family, and are great fun for everybody, there are quite a few other family-friendly spots in Orlando that are excellent for some family fun. Whether you’re on vacation, or simply passing through, these places are worth at least a visit or two.

The Great Escape Room

If you wanted to have an extra moment where you can bond together as family, look no further than this escape room. It’s designed for ages 12 and up, you’ll be solving clues for an hour with the end goal of escaping the locked room, Sherlock Holmes style. It’s fun, challenging, and completely unforgettable, you’ll definitely have a great family time.

Walt Disney World

Truly a place worth visiting lots of times, Disney World is spectacular. It’s gigantic, but most of all fun. With many different themed restaurants, thrilling yet heartwarming rides, you’ll want to keep coming back to spend some quality family time. You should also check for discount Disney World tickets, as you’ll be preparing to come back in no time.

Wet N Wild

This is the place to see if you want to experience great amounts of water fun. It’s exciting, thrilling, but best of all, it’s designed for all ages. Whether it’s the toboggans, or the swirling body coaster, or the 1970s disco H2O, you’ll have a blast as a family. It’s an experience that’ll stick with you for a long time, and it might just become your favorite place in Orlando.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

On first glance it may appear like a regular museum, but you’ll soon come to realize that it’s much more. It’s a museum for the oddities, and it houses all the weird and wonderful things that Robert Ripley had collected throughout his life. It contains some exotic primitive items, authentic shrunken heads, astonishing visual illustrations, and so much more. You’ll want to see every inch of the 10.000 square feet that’s used, and with good reason. Believe it or Not is a one-of-a-kind place.

Princesses and Princes

This indoor playhouse comes with a classic theme that every child just adores. It’s a Medieval-style playspace where the kids can let their imagination run loose as they discover the Kingdom of Everdream. You’ll enjoy yourself even more as the kids frolic around in the fully outfitted custom castle, and on the fully interactive floor and kitchen.

Andretti Indoor Karting

A completely exhilarating family experience, one that will make you feel like an amazing racer as you swooping down the indoor racetrack. The tracks themselves are perfectly designed to feel totally authentic, but that’s not the only thing you can do here. There’s a challenging, but fun, rope obstacle course, as well as an immersive Dark Ride Motion Theater, as well as both classic modern arcade gaming cabinets. All of this will surely give you and your family an amazing time.

Orlando has so much to offer it’s impossible to experience it on one go. Make sure to take notes of all the places you want to visit, and then check them out when you can, as Orlando is truly a magical city to have some quality family fun.