We can all agree that there is nothing worse than having an argument with your partner. Although is completely natural to have fights with your partner, you will want to avoid them at any cost given that they aren’t pleasant for any of you two. Here we give you a list of a number of different ways to avoid that conflict to stop the both of you from arguing.

1. Don’t go to bed angry

This how many fights get extended to the following day and get carried on for some time. Make sure that you resolve any conflict before going to bed angry. It is a way to avoid future arguments. Always think of resolving the things right away to not extend the problem.

2. Take a breather

Being angry doesn’t always lead us to think things clearly, and end up saying stuff or doing stuff that we don’t mean. Whenever you both are angry about something, take a breather from each other to calm down before talking things out. This will save you guys from many arguments, given that you will be more in center with yourself and find better ways and words to talk to your partner.

3. You don’t always have to be right

You don’t have to win every battle between you too, sometimes is just better to find peace among each other than to engage in a long and tedious fight. A way to avoid arguments before they even begin is to not get engaged in little things and be able to walk away from the fight before it has even begun. Most arguments are based on who is right and who is wrong, and even if you might be right, letting your partner be right will avoid confrontations. Some battles are not worth fighting for.

4. Have physical contact

Before a fight you will both find yourself distant from each other and when you are filled up with tension and rage you might forget that the person who you are dealing with loves you as much as you love them. Hug each other or kiss, even if there is something you both have to discuss, find a connection with each other before to be able to speak things differently. Physical contact reminds you both of your love for one and another, which can stop many arguments from even beginning.

5. Be patient

Nothing can start the worst fight than not having patience for your partner. Give each other time to speak and to communicate. When you get frustrated you are unable to think clearly and do not show your partner the patience they deserve. In order to have a great communication you need to listen to each other and make sure you feel heard.

6. Not everything is worth fighting for

Before the fight even begins, analyze if it is something worth arguing about. Most of the arguments are about small stuff that are not important and you just waste time fighting with your partner about them. Take a step back and think if it is something important to discuss, or if it could be solved in a quick manner without the necessity of fighting about it. Thinking about this will help you avoid many pointless fights.