Children's Health


“If a kid sits in class or in front of a screen for hours and then you throw them out onto the soccer field or basketball court, as they don’t have the tissue strength to withstand the forces involved in their sports. This can contribute to injury.”

Save your child from:

  • Becoming prone to injury
  • Developing weaker muscles and bones
  • Poor coordination between the nervous system and muscular system
  • Less motor unit activation
  • Poor body image
  • Less stamina
  • Prone to obesity and other life-threatening diseases

Help your child move towards

  • The researchers found that, almost without exception, children and adolescents benefited from weight training. They grew stronger.

  • Young people of any age who participate in resistance training at least twice a week for a month or more show greater strength gains, than those who work out only once a week or for shorter periods.

  • Any age is a good age. But something is special about 7 to 12 age group. The nervous system is very plastic. The kids are very eager. It seems to be an ideal time to hard- wire strength gains and movement patterns.

  • A few studies have shown that children develop a significant increase in motor unit activation within their muscles after weight training.

  • So, in essence, strength training in children seems to liberate the innate strength of the muscle, to activate the power that has been in abeyance, unused.

  • To maintain a basic level of health, children need to do: At least 60 minutes (1 hour) of physical activity every day, which should range between moderate-intensity activity, such as cycling and playground activities and vigorous-intensity activity, such as fast running and tennis.

  • Children and young people should minimize the amount of time they spend sitting watching TV, playing computer games, and traveling by car when they could walk or cycle instead. Find out why sitting is bad for your health.

Brief explanation:

Strength training means using some sort of weights or resistance during exercise.

Latest research supports muscle and strength training for children.

It means:

  • Your child will grow stronger. Your child’s nerves and muscles will coordinate better.
  • Your child will have stronger bones, stronger muscles and, more endurance.
  • Your child will have a leaner body.
  • Your child will also have protection against many diseases like diabetes, blood pressure problems.

Return on Investment:

  • Longer life
  • Healthier life
  • Happiness and positive state of mind


Women in the 21C must begin to take charge of their health and fitness in order to delay effects of aging, maintain their muscles and bones and sculpt the body that they desire especially during their pregnancy days. This can be done via exercising and taking vitamins that will help to improve the health of your unborn child. Visit to know what vitamin is safe for you and what vitamin can give you real benefits during those days as the health of the child is the only priority of a mother. Mothers should save themselves from:

Save yourself from:

  • Cancer

  • Diabetics

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Obesity

  • Anorexic

  • Bulimic

  • Alarmingly high cloistral of levels

  • Triglycerides levels of the charts

“Train hard and smart, eat clean and do something for your mental peace.”

The researchers show that will proper workout techniques women can increase their flexibility and by taking supplements during pregnancy can save them from various unknown diseases. Sitting on the chair for long hours and staring at computer screens can lead to various health problems.

When people want to get in shape, the first thing they do is starve. They want quick results and choose to take supplements and fat burners. But these things always backfire. You can experience the same results by following a healthy diet. Eating the right food at the right time helps in a healthy life cycle.

Continue to build upon the foundation of your fitness, where you will literally have the chance to change your life in ways that may seem impossible to you right now. And if you keep up the consistency, you will be surprised at how constantly you improve upon one skill after another, and how quickly you overcome the weaknesses you have probably been battling for years-simply because no one has ever shown you the benefits of staying fit. One day, you will no longer fear to learn how to do back squats, deadlifts, or other exercises you may have thought were beyond your ability.

Return on investment:

  • Improves physical, mental health, and overall wellness
  • The body gets in shape
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes
  • Blast loads of calories
  • Bone health increases
  • Healthier life
  • Happy and harmonious life
  • Flexibility increases