As is the case with all things on Earth, if something is not growing, it is likely the relationship will die without any given effort. At any given point, your relationship is either getting stronger or getting weaker. It can never stand still.

If your relationship is floundering, you can change the course all together by taking a few deliberate actions.

Bringing fire back into your relationship will require that you commit to seeing your relationship prosper. Since success leaves clues, you can find out what successful couples do to make their relationships flourish and then do those things. Building a successful relationship is very predictable; at least if you are starting out with a partner with whom you are compatible.

Here are some of the things you and your partner can do to bring back the fire in your relationship:

Break the Routine with a Hotel Staycation

Sometimes all it takes to snap out of your unhealthy habits is to break all routines you are currently in by booking into a local hotel for a weekend staycation. You don’t have to go far. The point of the whole exercise is to get out of your usual environment and to get away from the triggers of your habitual responses.

Your being in the same city or town you are always in should not limit the amount of fun you have during your staycation. Actively seek out fun activities to do together with your partner. Look at it as a mini-vacation.

Take a Full Blown Vacation

For the ultimate vacation experience, you and your partner can take some time off and visit an exotic vacation spot you’ve been dying to go to.

The best place to go since you are trying to revive your relationship is a place where you will find a lot of opportunities to spend quality time together without worrying about the minutiae of travel. An Resorts for adults  in the Caribbean is probably the best fit as you get all the benefits of an all-inclusive and the other benefits of being in a breathtakingly beautiful natural vacation spot. If you have kids, you can ever consider bring them with you to a family resorts. There are plenty of things for your kids to do while on vacation – so you and your partner can still have some alone time.

Do Date-Nights

Many couples stop treating each other to nice dates after they’ve been with one another for a significant amount of time. You don’t want to be one these couples.

If you stopped going out on nice dates with your lover, take renewed interest in each other and start taking at least a night out every week to chat over a nice dinner or drinks at a nice establishment. A date-night also serves to give you and your partner blocks of time where you can give each other undivided attention without having to worry about other people calling for your attention. Switch off your phones during date-nights to truly show that you care about being there.

Cook Meals Together

When was the last time you cooked a meal together? The very act of cooking a meal together is very romantic. It really doesn’t matter what meal you cook or how great a cook you are.

There’s no way a couple that have been in love can spend time cooking together and not love it. If you want to bond with your partner more and rekindle the love you had for one another when you first met, your savior might just be the pot.

Sweat Together

Couples in love find every opportunity to have fun with each other. If both of you enjoy physical exercise, arrange to go exercising together. You can take a walk or ride a bike in the evening or just go for a light jog.

You will be killing two birds with one stone. You get to spend quality time with your partner while also getting into great shape. Everybody wins and you’ll love each other more.

Surprise Your Partner with Thoughtful Gifts

Everyone has their own love language. Some people will appreciate being given gifts more than any romantic thing you will ever do for them. If you partner’s love language is gift giving, go out of your way to get them thoughtful gifts once in a while.

It is not so much about the gift itself but about the feeling that you were thinking about them when you got the gift. There are very good gifts you can get that won’t hurt your pocket. As long as you put a little thought into it, you’ll be fine.

Invite Their Friends Over

Inviting your partner’s friends over then playing a great host will serve to boost your relationship in a big way. People tend to value the opinion of their social circle a lot. If their friends and family approve of you, they’ll like you more.

If you can win their friends over, they’ll be more comfortable showing you off to other important people in their life. Remember, though, that you don’t have to be someone you aren’t just to be liked by their friends and family. Be you. You will be happier if you don’t compromise who you really are just to please people.

There are several ways to improve your relationship. Take these tips into consideration if you notice a sudden drift between the two of you. Just because you’ve been in the relationship for a number of months or years – doesn’t mean you stop making an effort.