Get the extraordinary Sony 65-inch TV online from Harvey Norman and enjoy a top-notch entertainment experience. This outstanding offering from Sony boasts great innovations that excites everyone. You will definitely love all its amazing features.

All home entertainment enthusiasts will be impressed with Sony’s Android TV. It is a total package for those who are into high-tech televisions and looking for a money worthy piece of technology. So, here are the key features of Sony X8500E 4K Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV that will make you decide to buy one soon:

Triluminos display

See the real colors while watching in this astounding Sony Smart TV. It takes pride of its Triluminos display that lets viewers enjoy every picture’s vivid and true hues, shades, and colors. In fact, a Triluminos display outlines colors from a broad palette, which reproduces each color and guarantees subtle hues won’t look unnatural and oversaturated.

Netflix compatibility

Do you love watching series or TV shows from Netflix? Good news, Sony X8500E 4K Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV is a Netflix-recommended TV. You will be up-to-date on the latest shows on Netflix and your streaming experience will absolutely be better. A TV with Netflix compatibility means that it has easy application access, high performance, and state-of-the-art features.

4K High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Alter the way you look at your TV with 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR video content. With the detail, brightness, and color of HDR, this TV shows the dark areas of each scene, which aren’t seen in other TVs out there. More so, with this feature, it creates fine details and exceptional highlights when you are watching any content.

Slim aluminum frame

By having an exquisitely designed and narrow aluminum frame, this Sony Smart TV lets you focus more on the screen for ultimate entertainment. The way it looks is certainly neat and attractive. It will give you time to enjoy watching your favorite shows, movies, or videos. In addition, its slim appearance tops off the neatly arranged cables that are kept at the back of the TV. Everything seems to be tidy as this TV has a cable-free front, too.


As much as you want your viewing become realistic, listening is also made lifelike. With ClearAudio+, Sony X8500E 4K Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV allows all viewers hear sounds with absolute clarity and separation. This feature also fine tunes all surround effects, dialogues, and music for a superb entertainment experience. You will clearly hear any sounds whatever you are watching.

For a one-of-a-kind TV experience, Sony X8500E 4K Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV could be the best option for you. All these key features mentioned above prove that this Smart TV provides everyone with a first-rate piece of technology. Sony never disappoints anyone, so you are guaranteed to have a high-quality TV with remarkable features and specifications. Ever since, Sony produces a line up of cool and worthy offerings that you deserve. Get yours now and enjoy a great entertainment experience like no other!