4 Super Hot Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

The 21st century is a good time for sex. Culture is becoming more comfortable with sexuality than ever, not afraid to encourage all different sorts of sex.

But are you aware that even in our enlightened age, pretty much half of all people out there are unsatisfied with their sex lives? 

This will not do: if you’re not enjoying sex, it’s time to start enjoying your sex life. This article will walk you through some sex tips to help you improve your sex life. 

1. Explore Your Fantasies 

Fantasy is the key to a great sex life. For many people, the greatest part of sex isn’t physical at all — it takes place in the head. 

Explore your fantasies. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, don’t be afraid to communicate it to your partner or look for videos of it/ a community around it online. 

This will help you turn your fantasies into reality.

If you don’t know what your particular thing is, do some exploring. You might find something clicking that you never expected. 

2. Ask For What You Want

In sexual contexts, it’s easy to fall into a passive role. Even more dominant people can find themselves getting caught up in a routine because they think it’s what their partner wants. 

However, if you communicate your desires, most people would be happy to fill them.

Usually, that thing you want from your partner isn’t as weird or demanding as you think. Ask for what you want politely, and you’re more likely to be satisfied. 

3. Invest in Costuming 

To have great sex, you have to start thinking sexy. If you want to start thinking sexy, you should dress sexy. 

This doesn’t mean you have to go out of the house in low-button shirts and thigh-high socks. You can limit your sexy clothing to the bedroom or to what you wear under your clothes. 

Buy yourself some pieces of lingerie and you’ll find yourself feeling sexier. Your partner will appreciate your new outfit too. 

Luckily for you, we found a great online lingerie collection. Check it out right here. 

4. Talk to Friends

An underrated way of enhancing your sex life is talking to your friends. If you’re unsatisfied with the way things have been going in the bedroom, your friends might be able to offer personal experiences and advice. 

Who knows, your friends might have gone through a similar experience to you and might just have the perfect solution. Once you eliminate the shame of talking about sex, you’re far more likely to improve your sex life. 

Improve Your Sex Life

In an age so accepting of sex, anyone can have the sex life they desire if they put their mind to it. Follow the above tips, and you’re far more likely to improve your sex life today. 

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