It’s a new year and it’s time for new gear. Have you treated your truck lately? Every truck can use a little TLC and the beginning of the new year is the perfect time to take stock of your ride.

As you think about what you’d like to add to the engine or exhaust system, don’t forget to take a close look at your seats. Are they worn or weary? Maybe they’re in great shape but you’d like a new look. Whatever the need, Coverking custom fit seat covers are a high quality solution to your seating woes.

Coverking Options

For over 30 years Coverking has been crafting custom-fit seat covers in their Southern California headquarters. They’ve built a solid reputation for excellent covers that are priced lower than their competitors. Coverking builds neoprene seat covers and plenty of other options for every vehicle, such as:

  1. Neosupreme: Made of a durable polyester/cotton Cordura, these seat covers are water- and stain-resistant. They spot clean easily, so go ahead and load up the kids and the dogs.
  2. Genuine Neoprene: This is the stuff wetsuits are made of. You’ll enjoy the same extreme water-resistance and soft, cushiony comfort. This fabric is available in a full spectrum of bright colors.
  3. Leatherette: Get the look of leather at an affordable price point. This fabric is resistant to stains, mildew, rot, and UV damage. 
  4. Codura Ballistic: One of the toughest materials on the market, 1600 Denier Codura Ballistic seat covers can take whatever you and your gear, your family, and your friends can dish out. 

Skanda Options

If you’re looking for some camo options, check out Skanda’s offerings for this year. They’ve got great designs that incorporate camouflage patterns that everyone can love.  Skanda Mossy Oak Neosupreme covers are available in solid camo or black and camo in a variety of forest patterns. Skanda’s Real Tree camo covers are another colorful choice. Particularly striking is the AP Pink/Black pattern. Order a set of vehicle specific seat covers in that pattern and your truck will turn heads.

One other design option available from Skanda is the Kryptek Camo Neosupreme line. This modern camo pattern comes in bright as well as traditional colors. With full camo seats or black bordered styles, Kryptek makes a strong statement every time you open your truck door.

Saddleman and CalTrend Options

There are other fine vendors of custom seat covers you should consider for your truck redo. Two popular brands that have interesting things going on for 2021 include Saddleman and CaTrend. Some options here include:

  • Saddleman NeoSupreme covers that are machine washable and feature bold swaths of color
  • Saddleman Neoprene covers offer the ultimate in protection with stain- and water-resistance
  • CalTrend NeoSupreme covers can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and repel water
  • CalTrend Neoprene covers resist wear, abrasion, and mildew

With so many choices, you should be excited about giving your ride a little upgrade. Head out to your local store or search on the internet for your favorite truck seat covers and get ready for a great new vibe.