A lot of people try to assume that reckless driving is nothing serious. In California, this is considered to be a serious offense. There are some penalties that are available depending on the circumstances that are surrounding the situation.

If you have been charged with reckless driving, you need to find the best traffic lawyer near me. Those who are good will genuinely have the ability to help you with your case. Reckless driving is a category that comes with so many details. It can be hard to understand everything especially if you have limited time. The case can become more serious if you endanger the lives of other people just because of the way that you drive.

Various Types of Reckless Driving

You need to know the different reasons why you may be charged with reckless driving such as the following:

  • You are driving 20 mph beyond the prescribed speed limit.
  • You have passed a school without slowing down to the prescribed speed.
  • You tried to overtake an emergency vehicle.
  • You are caught driving too fast even when the weather is not good.
  • You have been caught racing with other drivers.

The type of reckless driving violation that will be given to you will have corresponding fines and penalties. There are some that are considered to be more serious as compared to the other types of reckless driving.

Possible Consequences of Reckless Driving

Getting an la traffic ticket may not seem like a big deal to you but when you are being asked to appear in court, you know that there may be changes that will occur in your life. If you have not contacted a lawyer yet, it is best that you find one soon.

If reckless driving would be considered a misdemeanor case, then you might become imprisoned for 5 to 90 days. Some would be asked to pay a fine that may usually range from about $150 – $1000. Depending on the case, you may be asked to do both.

If you endanger the lives of other people or someone has died because of the reckless driving, the standard penalties will surely be increased. You also have a higher chance of getting your license suspended.

Take note that having the right lawyer will make sure that you are fully prepared when the prosecution tries to convict you. You should know how to fight red light camera ticket california with the right lawyer by your side.