Why Use a Medical Answering Service?

What do your patients do when they have medical emergencies and questions after hours that don’t warrant a 911 call?

Most of the time, they try to call you. If you’re taking and returning phone calls during your down time, you’re probably like 44% of the physicians dealing with at least one symptom of doctor burnout.

What can you do to serve your patients and maintain a work-life balance? Physician’s answering services might be what you need.

A medical answering service helps connect patients with their healthcare provider, but what are the benefits of using one? Keep reading to learn more.

Happier Patients

How annoying is it when you make a phone call needing an answer and instead you get an automated answering service? Patients with medical needs want attention right away. Without patients, you can’t have a medical practice. Keeping patients happy should be a priority.

A medical answering service allows your patients to get a listening, empathetic ear in their time of need. When your patients know they will always have their concerns addressed, it improves your provider-patient relationship.

Enjoy More Personal Time

Medical issues and emergencies don’t have perfect timing. They often come after hours when a physician is trying to take some time to relax, spend time with family, exercise, or enjoy a personal hobby.

When physicians have to handle after-hour medical issues, they end up with very little time off. That type of work schedule is not good for anyone.

A medical answering service allows patients to speak directly with trained health professionals to have their concerns and questions addressed any time of the day or night. Each call is evaluated and transferred accordingly.

If it’s something the operator can address, they will. Urgent calls will go to the physician for follow-up.

Need to free up some time? Learn more about the 24/7 Doctors Answering Service that will connect your patients with the medical care they need.

Increase Your Profits

When you have a medical answering service taking your phone calls, your office staff can stay on task and keep your practice running smoothly. Your staff can cater to the patients in the office and work productively on other tasks without being interrupted by phone calls.

A medical answering service can make appointments and handle appointment reminders taking that burden off the office staff. The more efficiently the office operates, the more profitable your practice will be.

Medical Answering Service

Now that you know the benefits of medical answering service and the reasons to use one, are you ready to get started? As you explore your options, look for a service that will meet all of your expectations.

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