Did you know that high-quality content has become one of the most important parts of a successful marketing strategy? When it comes to content marketing, most marketers are familiar with Lorem Ipsum, the language of gibberish that tends to cover marketing drafts, including content.

But what is Lorem Ipsum? It has a rich history and is more useful than most people realize.

Where Did Lorem Ipsum come from?

It’s common for web content to show Lorem Ipsum in drafts, but where did Lorem Ipsum originate? Lorem Ipsum’s history actually dates back way before computers. Let’s take a time leap to the 1500s.

In the 1500s, a printer jumbled up text in order to create a false text to be used as a placeholder. The original text is thought to be On the Extremes of Good and Evil by Cicero, a Roman philosopher. 

The pseudo-language has held on through the last 500 years, surviving the transition to electric tools. Today, it’s a common script used in programs and websites for a placeholder.

It hasn’t changed too much, either. There were hardly any changes made throughout the years, but more recent programs have created different versions of the pseudo-language. However, they’re all considered different versions of Lorem Ipsum despite minor differences. 

Why Is Lorem Ipsum Used in Marketing?

While Lorem Ipsum is used in plenty of industries, it’s used in marketing primarily. The reasons for keeping false like Lorem Ipsum allows you to are as valuable as they are numerous. 

The most important reason is that it allows designers to focus solely on the design of the object they’re creating—whether that’s content, an email, or even an advertisement, Lorem Ipsum is generally used before any content gets inserted. 

Being able to focus on design is important considering that the design of marketing information is equally as important as the words on the actual page. Text can easily become a distraction, even for the most prominent designers.

It’s easy, and common, for everyone to want a hand in the way something’s written. With multiple designers working on something, it’s too easy to get caught in the text details. Using Lorem Ipsum as a placeholder prevents that from happening!

There are some people who think that using Lorem Ipsum promotes the idea that content is less important than design, but a good marketer could tell you that both components are important. Using Lorem Ipsum to design is just like typing content on a blank page—both are great strategies!

How to Use Lorem Ipsum to Your Advantage

Don’t sleep on Lorem Ipsum—while the text you use in your content is important, the design of your content is equally as important. Spend more time perfecting the design by using Lorem Ipsum to your advantage—it pays off in the long run.

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