Why I Support The ISPMB

Every year like to give a certain amount of money each month to a charity, and each year I will change that charity to a new and updated cause. In the last 12 months I have been giving money to the ISPMB, which is the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros. This is a Texas-based charity and it is one which is doing so much great work down here. I first found out about the organization through a friend of mine who works with them, and I have been pretty blown away by their efforts.

Here is why I support the ISPMB and why I think that you should too.

The Problem in Texas

The problem which we have with burros in Texas is that they shouldn’t really be here. These burros are not from the state, and they usually end up here after they have been released by ranches in the likes of Mexico. The result of this is that these burros have a negative impact on the eco-systems which exist here, and that can be problematic for so much of the wildlife which we have in Texas. A perfect example of this is how the burros damage the river life, through their waste. This can in fact kill animals which live in the river and which use the river as a water source.

Taking Care of The Problem

The answer to this problem is of course to take care of the burros in a humane way. This is exactly what this charity is looking to do, and they are investing a lot of time and money in getting the burros to a safe place after they have been picked up. Burros will need to be looked after and fed once they have been picked up from the wild, and this is exactly what this charity is able to do.

Cost of Operations

The reality is that these kinds of charities and organizations absolutely rely on people donating in order to keep their operations going. Whilst there are a number of volunteers who are able to help out here, the cash is what keeps the burros cared for after they have been rescued from the wild. This is very much a worthwhile charity which is going to put your money to good use.

Fascinating Creatures

Despite what you may believe, donkeys and burros are in fact far more interesting than you may realize. These animals have so many cool facts about them and they are wonderful creatures. Sadly however the burros have been left and that is why they have ended up in the position that they are in. This means that we should all look to give what we can to the charity which best supports the burros, and which will give them the love and care which they so richly deserve.

This is why I like to give to this charity and why I will continue to do so throughout the year.