If you live in Atlanta and have tried to connect to nationwide bus, train or air routes from your residence in the city or suburbs you’ve probably found as many have that it can be difficult to connect with the transport hubs, especially if you’re travelling as a large party.  But have you considered using a chartered bus in Atlanta to nationwide routes?

Why Consider a Chartered Bus in Atlanta to Nationwide Routes

Whether you’re travelling with your family or as a large group up to 60 people, there are charter bus companies that can connect you door to door with major transport hubs.  You can either arrange for one pick up location for all parties, such as your local community center, supermarket, or church’ or you can add several pick up points including people’s own houses.  The chartered bus driver will then take everyone to the destination, happy to drive for several hours if necessary.

The alternative is fragmented, disorganized and often a lot more expensive.  Consider trying to ensure that 40 people get to a train station on time to catch the same train, all with luggage.  They all have to pay for either car parking, fuel, taxis, or other forms of transport, and there’s a good chance one will be delayed.  Replace this with a chartered bus and from the beginning of the journey you’re confident you have all members of the party together, that you’re all travelling on time to your destination.  Your costs are likely lower because you’re not having to pay to park or get separate taxis.  And on top of all that the enjoyment and fun starts as soon as you’re on the bus, rather than when you arrive at your final destination.

Amenities on Chartered Buses

On top of the convenience and moneysaving involved with chartering your own bus, you’ll all enjoy the journey because of the amenities on board.  Chartered buses are luxury vehicles, very comfortable to ride, and often have on board toilets, surround sound DVD systems for playing films or music, several TVs throughout the bus and can also provide cold and hot refreshments on board.  Many have on board WiFi as well to put a smile on the faces of any passengers young or old.  There’s no reason why the members of your party won’t turn up to their destination happy, refreshed and relaxed, rather than stressed, not looking forward to the ensuing trip on the train, bus or plane to their next destination.

So next time you’re planning connecting transportation for a large group to a major transportation hub in Atlanta, certainly consider a chartered bus.  It could save everyone money, hassle, time, and stress.  All members of your party will be grateful for you organizing this and be able to enjoy their trip from the start of the journey until they arrive at the final destination.  The journey home will also be stress free as they get dropped off where they were picked up, even a door to door service.