There is nothing more exciting than traveling the world. You get to see and experience the world in a whole new different manner. You get to meet and socialize with people from all over. And best of all the journey is its own reward.

No Smartphone

Have you ever thought how it would feel if you were to travel without your smartphone? To travel without playing best payout casinos on your phone? To just see the world without tweeting about every place that you have been to? Even though it may be hard for us as we live in a cyber-generation. A generation that grew up with the internet and computers, how about just once, in your many travels you try it and see how it feels. It might not be that bad at all.

No Taxi

Traveling is not only fun when you do it by Uber or Taxi. Try taking a walk. We know that the chances of you getting lost are close to 99.9% but we are sure that if you do get lost, you will see even more exciting places. The map doesn’t exactly have all the places to visit you know.  Walk around and feel the air on your face and see the place that you visiting, every inch of it.

Just Go

Crazy as it may seem, sometimes you just have to go. With no specific destination but the world. And see where it will lead you. You might never know, it just might be the journey that will change your life, just like pokies online real money jackpot will change your life.

Eat Out

Fancy restaurants are fancy; we give them that, but why not try the food being sold at the food stalls? We know for a fact that it is 10 times cheaper than the food being served at 5 star restaurants.  Food stalls usually have all the spices and flavours of the city all wrapped up in one meal. This gives you insight into who the people are and where they come from. It might not exactly be nice, but it will hurt a lot less financially than spending all the money in a fancy restaurant where the food is not even that nice.